from the mind of critic-11/24/16

From the mind of critic: “If kindness, gratitude, presence in the moment and love are the only authentic method of moving us forward,how come so many of us shy away from it? Are we afraid that if we show any of that vulnerability we’ll be viewed as week, and people will walk all over us, making their way forward that much easier? Or have we never known the power of gratitude and kindness and the motivational power it contains, and believe the only way to get ahead, is to be the biggest jerk we can to as many people as we can? Doing something that we’ve never done before or don’t have much experience at can be hard, causing us to second guess every action and thought we have. Now if our first reaction is to be a jerk because we’ve seen other people succeed that way, we’re probably moving forward with what examples we’ve seen. We can fake it till we make it, but it’s more than that. Maybe we’re afraid to show gratitude and kindness to early, for fear we wont be defensive enough when our detractors come knocking. Maybe we feel we don’t deserve kindness and gratitude before we become successful, that only people at the very top of their game, at the apex of their goals are grateful, because how can we be thankful for anything unless it’s the 100% completion of our dreams. Once we realize that if we attempt to wait until we have everything we want to be grateful and kind it will guarantee our failure, we’ll see that gratitude for all that we have, and kindness to ourselves and others, is how we stay present in the moment so we can move forward. It’s not so much about others pushing us forward so we push ourselves, it’s about loving ourselves and others, which is the only thing that continously and infinitely propels us forward” 🙂

from the mind of critic-11/23/16

From the mind of critic: “If rules are meant to be broken, what’s the point of having them in the first place? Are they simply guidlines that attempt to rain in bad behavior, that allow people to go right to the line of illegal acts, and even a little past them, because people will always break the law, but atleast they’re stopped from going to far? Or are they meant to stop bad behavior all together, but because rule makers are all human and have their price, they have built a back door into the rules that alolows those with vast financial capabilities to break all the rules they want and never go to jail, while those with no financial capabilities have no way to pay off rule makers and end up languishing in jail, allowing those financially able individuals to buy off those lawmakers in the first place? Without rules, chaos becomes a much bigger possibility. Fairness is something that must bleed through the whole system, or we can make all the laws and rules we want, but they won’t mean a damn thing if they only apply to some people, and not to others. When our politicians play fast and loose with the truth, it’s no wonder that when recieving the power they paid off a lot of people to get, they so openly flout the rules that were meant to not only stop them, but to stop them from accepting payoffs from others to gain influence, which is how they got their position in the first place. Let’s get one thing straight, when the president does something illegal, it is still illegal. And when the president has a conflict of interest, it is still a conflict of interest. Are we gonna sit back and allow a fascist to tear up everything that’s good about America, or are we gonna stand up and do something about it” 🙂

from the mind of critic-11/22/16

From the mind of critic: “If comedians, comedic TV shows, skit comedy shows, late night shows and satirists are overflowing with a tsunami of material that keeps getting taller, stronger and deeper as the people in power get more ridiculous, is it a positve thing? Is it a good thing that it’s so easy to make fun out of people at the top, does it actually help our progress forward as a species because more people can more easily see, and then act on the day to day hypocrisy if they can laugh at it first? Or is our society, humanity and descency on the decline because making fun is easy, proving the easier it is to lob insults and tell jokes, the worse we’re collectively devolving? Laughter is the best medicine is an old cliche for a reason. If we can’t laugh at ourselves and where we have to improve, serious doubt can creep in as to whether our humanity is on the decline, because we’re so messed up that we have to laugh, or we’d cry. Once we realize that laughter is used as a coping skill and an educational skill, and often at the same time, we’ll see that comedy is made for all sorts of reasons, that serve all sorts of agendas. However, when we do learn to laugh including but not exclusively about ourselves, we’ll see that once we are in a happy and positive mood, we are way more likely to not only take positive action, but also for ascertaining the facts that would spur that action. Laughter is as much medicine as it is motivation. May we always applaud those who make that concept easier to understand”

from the mind of critic-11/19/16

From the mind of critic: “If faces come out of the rain when we’re strange, are we strange to ourselves, or others? Are the faces that appear judging something they don’t understand, somebody who appears strange to them? Or are these faces ignorant about something they don’t know about and feel generalizations make the best descriptions? Sometimes as we journey on through our day, we aren’t quite sure who we are, and we can come into contact with many wolves in sheeps clothing who appear extremelysure of their judgements. Maybe we take this advice as the gospel since we haven’t given much thought to who we are, and this person sounds like they know what they’re talking about, so why not believe them. Maybe we have given a lot of thought to the type of person we are, and this advice comes off as the ravings as of an ignorant, uneducated lunatic, who is so confident about their knowledge, they dont realize that even a 4 year old could poke holes through their bullshit. Once we realize that there will always be people out there who are overly confident about their knowledge they believe everyone thinks like them, we’ll see that the only judgement that matters is ours of ourselves. As long as we aren’t strange to ourselves, most people wont see us as starnge either. The ones that do, we’ll know it’s false because we know the truth. There is nobody on earth that knows us better than us. Once we have that confidence in ourselves, the fiercest of ignorance will never break through. Faces will always come out of the rain whether we feel strange or not, how we react to them depends on how much we love ourselves”

from the mind of critic-11/18/16

From the mind of critic: “If there really are no stupid questions, how come some inquiries seem to clog up the system, completely halting forward progress? Are these questions asked by people who actually wanna know the answer because they don’t know something, and the judgement of the question itself being stupid, is all in the mind of the judger who thinks somebody should know something, that they honestly might not? Or are these progress cloggers meant to do a specific thing, with their askers 100% fully aware of what theyr’re doing? Many concepts in life are definable, with easily comprehendible meanings. Other conecpts are completely subjective, with definitions that can and often do utterly change depending on our beliefs and life experiences. Similar to love, hate, anger and misery, stupidity is something that means one thing to one person, and something else to another. Questions arent stupid if somebody wants to gain information they don’t have, and somebody asking questions to clog up progress in their personal lives or politics isn’t stupid either, it’s simply strategy on their part, which might even be considered smart in some circles. If there is something we don’t like or don’t agree with, it doesn’t mean it’s stupid, it’s simply something that we don’t like or don’t agree with. Asking questions and not blindly following is imperative for our positive and collective evolution. Pre-judging is not only not needed, but it’s detrimental to the whole process of eveolving past all the bullshit that has kept us down for generations. To solve problems, we need to fully describe them, and how and why they’re happening. Questions and thought’s are never stupid, they’re just different. To succeed we simply need to get over ourselves”

from the mind of critic-11/17/16

From the mind of critic: “If we all wanna love and be loved, do we always find it the same way? Do we have to completely have to give up on it, and think it’s never gonna happen, befiore we open up enough to let it in? Do we have to reach a point where even thinking about the love we don’t have causes so much pain we wanna cry, before we say screw it, which also opens us up enough to let it in? Or is it all just chaos like life itself, and we have no control over any of it, except how kind we are to ourselves? As we get older, many of us will have kids and families of our own, carrying on the lineage that our parents may or may not have handed down to us. For those of us who are single, we can see all of these relationships going on around us and wonder when it’s gonna be our time. It can be hard to see all these people that seem to have found that person. Once we realize that it’s better to be in no relationship than to be in a bad one, we’ll see that maybe we haven’t found that relationship yet, because we aren’t willing to settle for one of those bad relationships. Maybe we’re looking for something real, because we know the soul, spirit and heart connection involved, and we aren’t willing to waste our time on anything less. Lonliness can be hard, especially if we let it get the best of us. We might even know somebody who we have that heart connection with, but some reason it wasn’t the right time. What we must never do is lose sight of that connection, and give it the full benefit of the doubt. If it doesn’t work out, atleast we know we tried. Some of us haven’t found love yet, and some of us have, but haven’t been allowed to let it fully blossom. Love will happen, and chances are it will be greater than anything we ever imagined” 🙂

from the mind of critic-11/16/16

From the mind of critic: “As more and more people keep asking how we could have elected the man we did, are people saying that Hillary Clinton lost because she didn’t appeal to white working class voters? Did she not appeal to all working class voters, or just the white ones? If it is just the white ones, are they upset because the system has ignored the needs and wants of white america for to long? Are they upset that america is getting to dark and to gay to quickly, and they feel they’re losing the supremacy they’ve held for years over the inferior? Or is race and class so intertwined that you can’t seperate one from the other, without ignoring what introduced each one? There are many reasons she lost, she isn’t likable, she isn’t trustworthy, she isn’t authentic, she isn’t one of us. The rage is much whiter on one side than the other, but the anger is the same. The downtrodden have been stepped on and lied to for so long, they will support the first person that seems to stand up for them. The danger comes when we’re in this vulnerable state, we feel like we can’t stand up for ourselves. so we go toward that person that appeals to our emotions. Once we realize that it’s not so much white people needing more support, but all of us needing more support because we’ve been divided so long, we’ll see that until we see eachother as part of the same human fanily, race and class problems will continue to persist. Some people see dark days ahead, but never, ever forget that it’s the darkest right before the dawn. Whatever our color or creed, the working people will have a say.Once we treat each other like humans and see each other in ourself, most of our race and class problems would dissappear. What do we have to lose?” 🙂

from the mind of critic-11/15/16

From the mind of critic: “If we can all agree that major change is underway, as well collective evolution whether we want it to be or not, do we also agree that everything has to be destroyed before it gets rebuilt better? Do all the institutions we have grown up with, such as principles of justice, fairness and peace have to be rengineered, reorganized and utterly decimated before they can be re-constructed in such a way that hypocrisy becomes so obvious, that all of us will see it for what it really is, and stand up to stop it? Or can we keep making small incremental changes, and keep tinkering, fiddling and hoping that ego and narcissism don’t overshadow all the gains we’ve made over the last 150 years? Insider trading has always existed, as have laws against it. With all the deregulation that has happened in the last 20 years, officals started doing it out in the open, just to see if they could get away with it. Now, that experimental stage is over, and openly flaunting the rules has become the norm, those of us who question these obvious deviations from a free scoiety and free market, are seen as the trouble makers. When officals openly talk about their business and how much they’ll gain when they enter office, and then threaten to jail the dissident who stood up to them in one of the same for profit prisons that perpetuates the problem, we’ll know we have a lot of work still to do. We all agree we need change, but if we clean our slate we will also clean out our soul, and might destroy the very goodness that made us human in the first place. Hypocrisy is our biggest enemy, not each other” 🙂

from the mind of critic-11/12/16

From the mind of critic: “If we are the answer to all our prayers, but also to all our nightmares, how do we tell one from the other? Is there a definitive way to translate a good experience that might actually be a bad experience, or a bad experience that might actually be a good experience? Or since life is basically chaos, are we left to fend for ourselves awash in a sea of who the hell am I, and what am I suppossed to do? As we wake up and start our daily routine, we might wanna crawl back in bed because the thought of deciphering each and every event throughout the day, seems like such an insurmountable task that why should we even try. However, every task seems insurmountable before we see what it entails. Maybe if we’ve never looked inside ourselves to see what we really think, it can seem scary. Maybe the act of thinking about our actions and whether they are for our highest good or our lowest bad, gets easier the more we do it. Maybe this act of analyzation is how we find the right path for us. There might be a black and white answer, but chances are we will have to make a choice by thinking about how we feel concerning an event and how it effects us, and those around us. Once we realize there are no guaranteed, black and white, one size fits all answers for what’s good and what’s bad, we’ll see that good might be bad, bad might be good and there’s a good possibility they have aspects of both. So how do we figure this predicament out? We stay open and honest about what the universe has to offer, and let our light shine as brightly as it can. As long as we are consciously looking for answers, we are halfway to finding them” 🙂

from the mind of critic-11/11/16

From the mind of critic: “If we’re feeling sad and depressed about electing the jokiest joke presdient of all time, is there any good that can be gleaned from it, the silver lining our grandma always told us about? Are there positive aspects of having all the racism, hate, xenophobia, homophobia and ignorance come to the surface after being supressed for decades? Or has all that emotion that has lingered since laws were passed in the 60s, and handed down from generation to generation that was not only allowed to bubble up but encouraged, is that gonna cause otherwise rational and critically thinking people to stick their heads in the sand and hide? It can be hard to find any positives, when we feel like we’ve been let down so badly. However, we can also see it as an oppurtunity to get involved when we otherwise might not have. Maybe we could use this time to unleash positivity and love into the ether, when we might have been scared to before. Maybe if we’re the ultimate pragmatist, we’ll see that whatever positivity we’ve felt in the past, we’re now free to unleash it, because we finnaly realize it is the most powerful weapon we have. I went from numb, to feeling good because I realized what’s actually important and what actually matters, which is being a good person and loving our neighbor. This is something we’ve been sorely lacking in our personal lives, which is why it reared its ugly head in our political lives. We can defeat anything if we stand up and love each other. For if we do, we’ll squash all the hate and ignorance that rose in this election, so it cowers in the corner where it belongs.We have the power, will we finnaly use it?” 🙂