“Search for Truth: The Seeker Begins…”

“Search For Truth: The Seeker Begins…”

“The Seeker Begins…” is the first novel in Bryan Radzin’s “Search For Truth” series. It’s a synchronistic journey into the heart of politics, and what makes us human; with underlying themes of accountability, truth and humanism present throughout. Relevant life questions abound, as an enthusiastic journalist is faced with the toughest decision of his life; follow his passion for uncovering the truth no matter where it leads, or stay with the love of his life, and be content with his present career at a local newspaper? This captivating story contains a murder, an enduring love story, and the excitement of making it in New York City. Revelations of illegal immigration and insider trading, lead to a corrupt Congressman, and the seedy underworld of what politicians will do, when they think they can’t get caught.

Excerpts from, “Search For Truth: The Seeker Begins…”

“Our minds and thoughts are like nuclear bombs. When we drop them, I mean really let go and drop them on something that allows them to flow freely, there is nothing more powerful on earth, not the toughest armies or biggest guns. If a pen is mightier than the sword, then the mind and thoughts are the ink that goes into the pen. And if we don’t spend time to gather the best quality ink, we’ll drop a dud when we try to help the world consciously evolve.”

“The powerful need cheap labor to work in their factories and fields, so they can make lots of money while fielding few complaints over working conditions, for fear of being deported.”

“Elites don’t give up their power without a fight, because they’ve been building it up for long periods of time. This illusion of power crumbles when the elites realize they can never overcome the peoples numbers, no matter what weapons they have at their disposal. This is when the top dogs figure if they can’t beat the people, they might as well join them.”

“Jason knew many insider traders love to take advantage of cheap labor, so he started researching what Senators and Congressman had the loudest anti-immigrant voices. He knew people that spoke the most passionately against something, were usually the people participating in its subterfuge; similar to the way a closet homosexual espouses hate for gay people, because they can’t accept themselves for being gay. Anti-immigrant folk lash out so they don’t have to deal, which is much easier than looking inward for answers.”

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