“From The Mind Of Critic: 2021”

“From The Mind Of Critic: 2021”

This is the seventh of many collections “From the Mind Of Critic.” The short essays can be flipped through randomly, or read in succession. They run the gamut of human emotions from love, to hate, to fear. Along with a healthy dose of politics, humanism, unity, accountability and truth, this collection will hopefully stir the pot just enough to start conversations. For if we simply talk to each other like human beings, we’d find that many of our generational issues can be solved. Emotions soften when fog lifts, making us realize we agree on a lot more than we disagree. We just need to get out of our own way, and remember, everything we need to know we learned in kindergarten.

Excerpts From MOC 2021: 

“We break out of our seemingly predestined destination, when we realize the destination is the illusion; because the journey that seemed pre destined, really isn’t. The makeup of which is determined by us, and how we react to what’s in front of our eyeballs.”

“Will we always be looking over our shoulder if somebody thinks we’re a terrorist, just as much as we think they’re a terrorist? Will this constant judgement spin out of control, until actual terrorists freely commit atrocities, never fearing punishment because they keep all the little people fighting each other, labeling each other as terrorists?”

“Like the cowardly lion always had courage, the dumb scare crow always had a brain, and the inhuman robot always had a heart, all we’re searching for is already is within our soul; we just need to see, feel and know it.”

“The tree of life is within us all, it’s time we start watering its roots, not starving it of nutrients.”

“If Oreo cookies traditionally came in one variety, but now come in every shape and flavor of the rainbow, can humans accept that monolithic tribes of the past are gone, leaving behind a mosaic mesh of everything?”

“Love and gratitude live within us, creating the empathetic kindness which makes the propagation of ever increasing better days, possible.”

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