“Another Manifesto of a Madman for Good”

“Another Manifesto Of A Madman For Good”

“Manifesto of a Madman for Good”, “Another Manifesto of a Madman for Good”, and “Action Manifesto of a Madman for Good” is a series of collection books written by Bryan Radzin, under the pseudonym, Jay Sherman. They were the brainchild for his “Search For Truth” novel series that followed, in which Jay Sherman appears as a character in the second book, “The Next Step”. Searching for his own truth, the Manifesto series was written in journal form, helping Bryan express the spiritual, philosophical and emotional nature of humanity, with unrelenting positivity. Searching for meaning in his daily entries, the reader will grasp the importance of living life as authentically as possible, and how empathetic kindness toward themselves and the world, is the key to collective healing.

Excerpts From, “Another Manifesto Of A Madman For Good”

“Thank you to my life and  the world for providing me with challenges, heartbreaks, sorrows, adversity and painful memories; while simultaneously providing the questions, answers, love, peace, light, lessons, priority importance and determination to overcome anything if I put my mind to it. Thank you for proving that the more thankful I am for what I have, instead of upset about what I don’t, the more I’ll be provided with answers to my questions, prayers and the culmination of my dreams.”

“Once we begin talking and treating each other like human beings, because we realize we all have the same basic needs and wants, and all come from the same basic place, we might have a chance to solve some of our ingrained and generational moral differences. We might at least be able to sit in the same room and humanely discuss them like people. My mission as a madman for good, and in particular this second installment of my manifesto, is dedicated to starting the conversation from where we agree, before moving it to where we don’t. Let’s get to work!!!!”

“When it’s all over for us, and our earthly worries float away, the only thing left will be the personal relationships we made, the people we affected, and the knowledge that we were the best human beings we could be. We have a choice, nothing is set in stone, and it’s never too late for positive change, until we say it’s too late.”

“We might never know exactly where our life will lead, but we can steer it in a positive direction, if we’re thankful for what we currently have, and work from there.”

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