“A Truth Seekers 10 Point Plan”

“A Truth Seekers 10 Point Plan”

Bryan Radzin’s consciousness raising new book, “A Truth Seekers 10 Point Plan”, is a comprehensive, but easy to follow guide on how to be a more authentic human being. He laid out this Ten Point Plan, so the ideas in his Search For Truth novels, will help all humans achieve the well agreed upon collective goal of peace. He shows that if we want long lasting and sustainable peace, we have to return to basics of our own inner kindness, which always starts with gratitude. Feeling that gratitude along with love, leads to understanding, which leads to humanism, and then truth; before accountability, peace and justice, help balance our journey. This reminds us to trust our authentic process as our guiding light, so we encourage maximum growth on all levels. Bryan hopes that by the time the reader puts this book down, they’ll be ready to take on anyone or anything. Not in battle, or negativity, but within love and gratitude, to help the collective human species, live a much kinder existence.

Excerpts from “A Truth Seekers 10 Point Plan”:

“Building that better future won’t be easy. We get a step closer, each time we allow our humanism to guide our decisions; instead of our fears. For if fear does drive our decisions, it isn’t humanism, it’s ignorance”.

“If I am honest with myself, then I must be honest with you, so you can be honest with others. This is so we can finally get the accountability and justice, so many people who preach peace want, but don’t feel confident enough in themselves, to fight for”.

“My main goal, is to put good thoughts and ideas out there, and show how, just like math, they build on each other. Although they may overlap from time to time, they make sense of the step before them, in specific applications and interactions; preparing us for what comes next.”

“As long as we’re gaining the knowledge we’re meant to gain, it doesn’t matter how we receive it or from whom, just that we do receive.”

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