Search for Truth; The Next Step…



“The Next Step” is a continuation of the synchronistic journey into the heart of politics and what makes us human. Both “Search for Truth…the seeker begins and the sequel, are written from the viewpoint of a journalist willing to risk his life for the Truth.

        This riveting novel originates in Cuba where the characters follow a global scheme to control the commodity of water. Adventure and near death experiences bring accountability, truth and humanism to the story. The global drought is addressed and a solution has evolved and is being implemented through many different alliances, each with varying agendas. The plot twists and turns and leaves the reader on the edge of their seat. The journey continues to the heart of “motor city” Detroit following leads that will either be to the benefit or detriment of humanity.

        This novel is a compelling read!  Rich character development and numerous surprises tie everything together to provide the reader with a hint into the world of People in Power. This is the second book in a series of seven, all written to deepen our understanding of how crucial it is to Seek the Truth. We must never let bread and circuses have control over us.