Manifesto of a Madman for Good




Manifesto of a Madman for Good

“Manifesto of a Madman for Good”, “Another Manifesto of a Madman for Good”, and “Action Manifesto of a Madman for Good” are a series of books written under the pseudonym Jay Sherman. These collections were the brainchild for the novels that followed. Jay Sherman appears in the second novel, “Search for Truth: the next step”.

Searching for his own truth, the Manifesto series was written in journal form. Jay expressed the spiritual, philosophical and emotional nature of humanity with relentless positivity. Searching for meaning in his daily entries, the reader can grasp their own insights into the importance of living life to its fullest.


Thank you universe for all that I have and all that I will achieve; thanks for giving me the courage and strength to carry on amidst diversity (sometimes self-inflicted) to introduce as much peace, love and consciousness to as many souls as I can during my short time on this earth. Thank you to all people I have met, and thank you to all I will meet in the future. But most of all, thank you for teaching me the most important things in life are to be thankful for what I have and to remind myself to think of that thankfulness in every interaction I have because it builds infinite understanding and consciousness.


2/19/11: 6:00PM

Why is it that some of us don’t always think about what we hear or what we say? Is it selective hearing? Is our mind somewhere else? Do we have other priorities? Do we not give a shit? Maybe it’s because it’s different from anything we’ve ever heard before; maybe it comes from a reliable, trustworthy source and we don’t think to question it. Maybe we think we’re too dumb or too smart; maybe we don’t look deeply into everything and take the majority of life at face value. Maybe we don’t question or take in any of the information that bombards us on a daily basis; maybe we’re cynical, maybe we’re not skeptical.

Whatever the reason, it is part of my mission to find out. How do we help somebody question, if they’ve never been skeptical before? How do we help somebody to look for the good in people, if they’ve always been cynical before? How do we show somebody peace and love is the only way to enlightenment, if they only know war and heartbreak? How do we show them the bigger picture if they’re always stuck in survival mode? How do we teach ourselves to love and not to hate?




2/20/11 – 5:09PM

How are some of us with higher consciousness supposed to relay ideas to someone with lower consciousness? They have their guns, but are armed with an even more powerful, unflinchingly blind faith in a vengeful, unforgiving but somehow infallibly loving and caring god and believe they have the right to tell others how to live. They preach freedom and liberty, but show dominance and control. They preach small government and free markets, but show big government control through the curbing of personal freedoms, and a free market that appears on the surface to be free and open to everyone, but is really the opposite and controlled by the most powerful interests dictating on down the food chain, how things should run. They say one thing and do another. Is this because they talk about things based in theories that have never worked out in reality? Does it go to the clean slate theory that says if we mess things up enough and they all fall apart, we get to start fresh with a “clean slate” and build things in a pre-determined and pre designed image? Or is it because we actually believe in the strength of man, but need help remembering some people need help; maybe including ourselves?




2/21/11 – 5:32PM

Realizing life’s simple pleasures, and finding good people still exist in this increasingly dark world reminds me of why I became a madman in the first place.

I’ m a madman for people who find their health insurance won’t cover them when they’ve been diagnosed with a life threatening illness. I am a madman for the immigrants who may have “illegally” crossed a border just to make a better life for themselves and their family only to be caught up in a vast, no-holds barred capitalistic game of cat and mouse that doesn’t care who it squashes. I’m a madman for all people who are persecuted when their only dream is to live free. I’m a mad man for all the native cultures getting destroyed that will never return again, just so some foreigner thousands of miles away can put a few bucks in the pockets of themselves and their closest friends.

But mostly I’m a madman for spreading as much peace, love and understanding as it takes so accountability and humanism fully raise the world’s consciousness so high that nobody goes without, everybody is cared for, and the entire galaxy is engulfed in white light.



2/25/11 – 5:24PM

Have we returned to a time of the “know nothings” when ignorance was thought to be a good thing?; when going to school and earning a degree, so we could develop critical thinking skills in a chosen field and make a positive change in the world while making a living doing what we love, was seen as a detriment to society?

Certain portions of our population seem to be unconscious souls that think walking the walk after talking the talk, so we could help others do the same is equal to socialism, or an evil walk down the path to communism. They need to realize that some of us need help; or they at least need to feel that real opportunities are out there for all of us including them.

How can some of us be so blind and think that what people like me want is a “utopia”? What I really want is for unconscious souls to stop controlling how others live, and look inside themselves and ask, “is this how I want to be treated; do I want to get shit on by huge, conglomerate corporations looking to exploit everything about me, just so they can put another million in their portfolio, when I’m having trouble paying my rent?”

These unconsciousness souls need to spend time “in the shoes” of the poor, not just put the poor under their shoe; they need to come around by choice; but if not, they need to be forced by being shown in every interaction that they will lose once the majority of us are able to shake off their distractions and unite.




4/8/11 – 11:35AM

If the beginnings of an ideological battle are currently underway that seems to only get more entrenched over time, what do we do? If some us have ideas and beliefs that are diametrically opposed to each other, how can we ever expect a compromise?

The question becomes how can we as a people start to think in a different way? How can we convince others in this country and around the world that all of us have the same human needs as each other? How can we be taught to think outside the box, if we only know inward thinking?

I don’t claim to have all the answers, nor do I think some other singular person in our society has all the answers. What I do know however, is that the path we are presently going down is totally unsustainable and will result in our evolutionary destruction. I can see how a portion of us don’t and won’t think this is happening, because we don’t believe evolution exists in the first place; these portions of us will be the hardest to convince.

What if these hard to reach parts of our population are a lot closer than we might think (like a car’s rearview mirror that says objects are closer than they appear)? What if they agree with the rest of us on most things, but it’s the moral and ideological ideas (gays, god, guns, taxes, the size of government, evolution, etc…….) that are holding them back. If they could just be told that their evolution, existence, human nature and dreams of peace are being blinded, distracted and put to sleep by these moral questions, and that they are keeping them from uniting, than my mission as a “Madman for Good” would be a lot easier. Unfortunately it’s not that way; they have to be convinced through unadulterated truth. We have to work together, if we ever hope to have a chance at a better world.

We have to come to a place where we all realize love is hard to come by; and with so many negative experiences occurring in the world, why shouldn’t we be able to marry whomever we want if we are lucky enough to find love? We are obliged to arrive at a place where all of us realize that although we might believe in god or a certain religion, not everybody believes the same way we do, they might not believe at all, and the freedom to choose (whether it deals with god, abortion or some other issue) is what makes it great to be human. We have free will; we have to realize that everybody else does too.

If we have free will and know all of us have the same, then fairness has to be one its key components. It is unfair to tax poor people a lot and rich people a little, even though a not so thorough investigation would reveal the opposite; that even though the poor say the rich are only taxed a small percentage (which is true), they’re actually taxed a lot in dollar amounts. The only problem is there are so many loopholes, incentives, offshore tax havens and subsidies (sometimes written by businesses or lobbyists themselves) that they don’t pay them most of the time anyway. That is the ultimate unfairness, that a company or individual can earn billions of dollars in a year and pay no taxes, yet poor and working folks have no loopholes or lobbyists and are always paying more and more taxes. When there is a deficit, who do you think the have-mores come running to take from first? They worry about their precious billions of dollars (or their manufactured opportunity of earning a billion dollars) while some of us don’t have enough to eat or have a place to sleep and are forced to beg for money on the corner with our baby crying in a stroller next to us in the pouring rain; I know this is an extreme example, but you get my point. We have to come to a place where all this is a distant and unhappy memory.

We all know this exists out there; we just have to ask ourselves, what are we going to do about it?

FIRST: We have to stop blindly following our elected officials. Just because we elected somebody on campaign promises that made them sound like the bright light amidst the darkness that will carry us through to the promised land, doesn’t mean they don’t need to be checked on and/or pushed in the right direction. Every great leader was only great because they had a mass movement behind them, pushing them to be better and to stick to their promises. We must push our elected officials to be accountable, to keep humanistic beliefs towards all people, and to truly represent all of us, not just a small elite group.

NUMBER 2: We must not let morals, religion, bias, intolerance, racism, economics, conspiracy theories or environmental attitudes divide us. We need to realize these things don’t matter in the bigger scheme of things, and coupled with materialism are meant to keep us distracted and fighting amongst each other, so we stay oblivious to the real problems that we face as a people. We must stop getting distracted, and push the fight towards the small governing elite and show them beyond a shadow of a doubt, that their “bread and circuses” will never, ever work on us again!

NUMBER 3: We must find a way to balance the ideas of compromise, standing up for what we believe in and drawing a line in the sand promising we will fight to the bitter end. The definition of compromise seems to be when no-one is happy: sometimes, this is the solution we must come to so we can avoid bloodshed, disagreement, stalemate and/or the whole system crashing down. The hard part is figuring out when to compromise and when to stand tall. We might figure some fight is worth fighting, or we might try to be the bigger, more conscious person and walk away or take ourselves out of the fight.

What if a law is truly unjust or a policy is unjust, or a system is unjust, doesn’t being human require us to stand up with peaceful civil disobedience so we can break up and change those unjust aspects of life. We always have to be willing to compromise because it’s what breeds equality of people and policy, and is the grease that keeps the gears of democracy in working order. We also have to be willing to fight for all of our collective and individual needs. We have to get off our asses and get out there and do something.

All of the distractions that are placed on us by the ruling elite, governmental body, business or ruling class (however you name it) are meant to prevent a critical mass they greatly fear and know in their souls that they could do nothing to stop. We must work together; we must band together; we must be relentless in our pursuit of improving the planet for all its present and future inhabitants. We must realize that sometimes compromise is the only way out of a sticky situation; but we must also realize that sometimes we have to fight with all our courage and strength to evolve as a species and throw off our oppressors. When the time comes, what will you do?