“Manifesto of a Madman for Good”

“Manifesto Of A Madman For Good”

“Manifesto of a Madman for Good”, “Another Manifesto of a Madman for Good”, and “Action Manifesto of a Madman for Good” is a series of collection books written by Bryan Radzin, under the pseudonym, Jay Sherman. They were the brainchild for his “Search For Truth” novel series that followed, in which Jay Sherman appears as a character in the second book, “The Next Step”. Searching for his own truth, the Manifesto series was written in journal form, helping Bryan express the spiritual, philosophical and emotional nature of humanity, with unrelenting positivity. Searching for meaning in his daily entries, the reader will grasp the importance of living life as authentically as possible, and how empathetic kindness toward themselves and the world, is the key to collective healing.

Excerpts from, “Manifesto Of A Madman For Good”

“All of the distractions are placed on us by the ruling elite, governmental body’s, business or ruling classes, (however we name them) are meant to prevent a critical mass they greatly fear and know in their souls, they could do nothing to stop. We must work together. We must band together. We must be relentless in our pursuit of improving the planet for all its present and future inhabitants. We must realize that sometimes compromise, is the only way out of a sticky situation. We must also realize, that sometimes we have to fight with all our courage and strength to evolve as a species, and throw off our oppressors. When the time comes, what will we do? My ultimate goal as a madman for good, is to show sometimes we have to fight and rebel, while staying vigilantly conscious to defend solutions, that will actually work!!!!.”

“How do we help somebody question, if they’ve never been skeptical ? How do we help somebody look for the good in people, if they’ve always been cynical ? How do we show somebody peace and love is the only way to enlightenment, if they only know war and heartbreak? How do we show people the bigger picture if they’re always stuck in survival mode? How do we teach ourselves to love, and not to hate?”

“Realizing life’s simple pleasures, and discovering good people still exist in this increasingly dark world, reminds me of why I became a madman in the first place.”

“Once the veil is pulled, the true inner workings will be revealed. It will be ugly. It will be brutal. It will most likely be illogical; but, it will be the roadmap for us to rebuild, restore and replace wrong actions, with right ones. We have to know what we’re up against, before we can defeat it.”

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