Action Manifesto of a Madman for Good




Manifesto of a Madman for Good Series

“Manifesto of a Madman for Good”, “Another Manifesto of a Madman for Good”, and “Action Manifesto of a Madman for Good” are a series of books written under the pseudonym Jay Sherman. These collections were the brainchild for the novels that followed. Jay Sherman appears in the second novel, “Search for Truth: the next step”.

Searching for his own truth, the Manifesto series was written in journal form. Jay expressed the spiritual, philosophical and emotional nature of humanity with relentless positivity. Searching for meaning in his daily entries, the reader can grasp their own insights into the importance of living life to its fullest.




Thank you to the world, to the people I haven’t met yet, and the people that are in my life now that make me want to be a better person. Sometimes I may get down in life feeling like I can’t accomplish something, I’m just not good enough or maybe that something is meant for somebody else. What keeps me going is the thought that I can overcome and achieve because we can all overcome and achieve. We will get to where we need to go once we realize that peace, justice, humanity, accountability, equality and love is universal among us and what we need.

Love is the fuel for our gas tank of collective evolution. Will we keep refilling it as often as we need, or will we allow siphon hoses to come from all directions?

Thank you to my life for proving that no matter who you are, where you come from or what you believe, we all deserve to be happy. We can help our species and earth collectively evolve if we just allow ourselves to.


What do we do when there is nothing we can do; we do something we’re passionate about. We get into this funk sometimes when it appears that the world’s problems are too big and the powerful seem to gain more influence with each passing day; this is when we have to do something that makes us happy. If we are a reader we should pick up a book. If we are a writer, we should pick up a pen. If we enjoy the outdoors we should take a walk in nature. The point is to do something for ourselves that makes our souls sing.

Once our anxiety level has gone down, and our positive energy level has gone up, we will see things a bit differently; we will see the world’s problems as not too big to solve because we can think clearly and openly about them. Most importantly, we will see the control that the powerful parade in front of our faces as the illusion it really is.

We will realize there are many more of us than there are of them. We will realize it is us that make the whole system function if we stand up and say we want to control our own lives; and we will never back down.

No more will we allow banks to leverage mortgages and value our home at less than we paid, because we will point out the falsities in increasingly large numbers. No more will we allow oil and chemical companies to dictate how we travel and what we eat, because we realize we are the ones that are buying all their crap. If we want solar, wind and biomass, not to mention safe food to eat, we will demand it.

If the big pharmaceutical companies keep their rates so high that the only quality health care goes to the super rich, we will stand up and demand that prices go down; and if the reason they keep them high is keeping their citizenry unhealthy and weak, we will expose that too.

If the military gets into another unjust war, or attacks and destroys a village with dozens or even hundreds of innocent people in it because one bad person “might” be heading there, we must stand up and demand that they do their homework so they can find the right answer like we had to in high school.

The point is being thankful for what we have so we can achieve more, the more of us that believe we can make positive change, the more of us that will. Our numbers will grow so large with critical thinking and universal human truth that the whole system designed to make us blind, dumb and full will fall apart; similar to how advertisements go away when we don’t pay attention or put our faith in them, so too will a tyrannical governmental and corporate system.

What will emerge is a society that works and does what’s best for all its inhabitants. Injustice, racism, evil and all bad energy will become so insignificant, that we will laugh at what a distant memory it is. We have the power. We have always had the power. We must open our eyes, minds and our hearts and get to work. Like the old saying that goes, “doing what we love is like being on vacation everyday”, when we start bringing humanity, accountability and truth to ourselves so all of us achieve our dreams, it will be like second nature to us. We will wonder how we ever got along before.



Have we ever found ourselves saying, why is the military fighting another war for murky purposes? Why are their goals stuck in the grey area? Are a fighter’s goals ever crystal clear? If they were clear, would it even be called war? Or do soldiers really have honest and true goals, just not ones that are released to the public?

It’s hard to not get angry when we hear about another country being attacked because of “terrorists”, when really it’s for resources and control of those resources. It’s hard not to get angry when a country is full of gems, minerals or some other valuable mineable material, yet the majority of the country is extremely poor because foreign governments and corporations control all the extraction and sales.

The idea is to get past the anger, and look at it as taking in information. When we hear about a terrible military event, we might get upset and want to take violent action. We must get past this, so we can think rationally and clearly about what will authentically make the change we seek.



There are always answers to life’s most difficult questions, how much we pay attention will determine the quickness of the answer. If we see that a 20 year old private mowed down some innocent people amidst war because adrenaline took over, we must ask why they weren’t given the tools to deal with their emotions. Did they think they had the right tools, but it was actually an identical concept designed for all soldiers, not something that was tailored to each soldier’s emotional state? If they were given the special attention they sought and problems were found but stuck around anyway, we must ask ourselves if putting emotionally disturbed or emotionally broken people to the task of building people up will ever have a positive effect.

I realize it takes a certain disconnect with humanity to enter a theatre of war. But if we expect broken people to fix other broken people, our goals are completely backwards. We must fix ourselves if we are to fix others. We must ask the difficult questions, we must also listen and hear the answers.



If we think about life’s repercussions of our actions, does that change our actions? If we weigh the pros and cons of going to war, defending our way of life or standing up to a devilishly corrupt and morally bankrupt government and corporate system, will it guarantee a more positive outcome?

When we are looking for solutions to ingrained historical and generational problems, do we look at their root causes and functions? Do we look at ourselves and our own lives so we can correlate and make sense of problems before they appear en-masse with a much more influential footing?

Just as a politician has to weigh every word they say for its possible impact, so must we. If a military or a “private security company” shoots first and asks questions later, is it because that’s how we go through our daily lives? Can we change their way of thinking if we change our way of thinking?



I woke up this morning and was thankful, and the day just seemed a little brighter. I was excited to get out of bed and approach the day. The sun was out and I was going to get some writing done on this very book.

Then just because I was open and willing to take whatever the day brought, (and because the only way I was going to enter into it was with a warm feeling of gratitude) I have had a smile on my face all day.

This is the place we have to get to, where we are happy just to get up in the morning; because we know we’re going to have new and fulfilling experiences that are the essence of what makes life worth getting out of bed. When we wake up with this gratitude, all the things that might have bothered us are put into perspective.

What we have to get at the store, what we have to fill our hearts with so we can carry on through the days challenges, what issues are holding back our human evolution, will all become less scary and stressful, and more introspective and rewarding when we’re thankful.

We have to start our evolution from this place of introspection and consciousness, because it is the first step that will lead to the others. If we try to skip a stair walking up a staircase we might skip over something vitally important, such as what makes us walk the steps in the first place

These steps will also keep things in perspective. They are there to help and guide us, so as we are learning, we are experiencing at the same time; which is one of the most important parts, I can’t stress it enough. We must experience what we learn as we learn it. We must touch and feel, and truly understand what we are inputting into our brains.

If we don’t, we will learn about all the human processes and how people can fix those issues that are simple yet hard at the same time, but we will find ourselves in a quandary. We will know how the whole thing works, but because we never experienced it, we won’t know exactly what it’s like. We won’t know what the process is actually about because we didn’t input it into our heart and soul, only our minds; we didn’t take it down the divine eighteen inches from our mind to our heart.

We will see the end game, and feel with every fiber of our being that we want to be there, yesterday. We will know what the end result should be, and have a relatively good idea of how sweet it will be when we get there. But, because we haven’t experienced all the steps along the way as were learning how that common end goal can be achieved, we will want it to just happen and won’t want to work for it.

We might think that because we know what it is, it might be good enough, or if we tell a few people who are like minded, then that might be enough. That we will just hope upon hope that things will work out. That just picturing the end game and getting other people to do the same, will be how ultimate enlightenment can be achieved. And although this is definitely part of it, being able to envision life when we all become more conscious happens when we pull our heads out of our asses, and really see the world around us as an important part of the process. But its only part, of which there are many.

I’m not saying I have all the answers, or how everything should be all the time. All I’m saying is that we can’t just wait around for solutions to fall out of the sky, or come from somewhere else; we have to create them ourselves. This is where paying attention and taking the steps in order comes in. We get the ideas, talk about them, and start to unite around what we already know we agree on. Then we go out and take action together for the betterment of us all.

What happens if a step is skipped, and we can see the end game, but aren’t sure how to get there? This is when we have to go back to the beginning, and start again with the basics. We have to remember what drives people, what helps them to realize their passion for helping humanity evolve, and how we see each other in ourselves. Basically, we have to remember how to be good to people, and treat others like we would like to be treated.

I only bring all this up, because I am guilty of this myself, I have found myself having to work back from the beginning for several years now. I can see and feel how people can unite around the basic ideas of love and understanding, but failed to carry out conscious action in bringing it all into reality.

This doesn’t mean I give up, by all means, heavens no. I can never give up. Even though some days, are really hard. Now I don’t mean give up in the physical body sense, I just mean give up in the “trying to fix the world with solutions that everybody already knows about but might not be willing to admit” kind of sense.

I find myself getting depressed sometimes about not being further along in life then I should be, and how the state of the world just seems to be getting worse and worse with the same problems repeating themselves over and over and over again in multiple settings, with countless variables coming in from every imaginable angle.

It can be over whelming, it can make me tired and just want to sleep; because at least then I can have some peace and nobody will bother me, I can just be myself. But this isn’t true, is it? We are still plagued with our thoughts as we go to sleep. The only time we are not, is when we numb our thinking abilities with any form of mind alteration. This is when we have to get back to basics, and start being aware of what’s around us.

I’ve thought about why this is happening, and I think I have come up with a solution to it. I’m feeling depressed about the state of the world, of the environment, my life in general, because I’m not actively introducing ideas that I know in the deepest darkest depths of my soul will fix what needs to be fixed. I need to take action.

I have found a lot of depression stems from this feeling of not taking action. Of feeling like there is no way it could ever be better, so why should we try. This feeling is everywhere only because we allow it to be. We allow this feeling to lurk into our brains, and affect everything we do.

When we take action and are active participants in fixing or even attempting to fix the things we know how to fix, our whole attitude changes. We become lighter; a smile might even pop out on our faces. When was the last time we randomly smiled? That is an example of a simple action that can change somebody’s whole way of being. Because if we can’t even smile at each other as we go down the street, how can we ever expect to get past all the things we know we could get past if we were just human to each other. This is also where gratitude comes in, which is the ultimate positive that we can take first thing in the morning, and use continuously throughout the day causing everything to change.

If they say that everything in life is perspective, and the meanings of people and events can completely change depending on how we look at them, then being thankful is exactly what we need to get started.

I struggle with this, as I am sure many of us have that have attempted it. Like the old saying that goes something is easier said than done, being thankful can be one that definitely falls on the list. But, the difference is that we know it’s easier said than done, and if we do it, if we take action, then we really see what we’ve been missing out on. What was making us depressed might have been something completely out of our control.

The tricky part is knowing when we have depressed ourselves, or somebody else has done it to us. Now, sometimes we can’t help when somebody does something that affects us. Sometimes they try and even succeed in doing us harm. This is when we have to remember that we can’t always change everything that happens but we can always change how we react. And by changing how we react to a situation, we change its inherent meaning. And by changing its meaning, we have changed the whole idea that gives the powerful their power in the first place. We are making a change on the outside, by making a change within ourselves.

When we make change within ourselves, we begin to see the world differently, just as when we are thankful and show gratitude for everything we have instead of being upset about what we don’t. This is the whole idea behind critical mass and the whole idea of one person changing the world with a message.

When we believe we can make a change, we can. When we believe that what somebody else puts in front of us should be taken as the gospel and never questioned, is when we fall into a trap of putting ourselves down. We fill our heads with messages of how we will never succeed, how there is no chance of it happening, that I am only one person, so what can I do to possibly affect anything that’s going on. The banks are controlling the world and its resources with the help of despotic governments and spy agencies, so how could we ever even hope to get past that unimaginable obstacle?

It starts by knowing and believing that despots and black operations power are just an illusion, that they don’t really control things; we do, but relinquished control a long time ago. Whether it was because of fright, pressure, a want to be comfortable or to fit in, we acquiesced and said “okay, I won’t try and fight you. You control the messages I see. You shape the world so you can sell me a whole bunch of worthless crap that blinds me to what’s really going on, just so you can keep carrying out your nefarious dealings. The thing is, now we have woken up. We can see the power that you project, and see it as just that, a projection.”

When somebody is projecting an attitude or feeling onto somebody (judging how they are, how they act and why they do the things they do), they are really just pointing out their own deficiencies and where they are lacking. There are weaknesses in the armor, because there is really no armor in the first place, we only think there is; again it’s projection. It will only affect us if we let it.



I often look into the unknown and get frightened. I get scared about what new problems will arise that I never saw coming, or ones I did see coming that I failed to do anything about. Sometimes all I see is empty space, a void that will swallow me up if it ever has the chance. But what makes me feel better when I’m down is that the unknown will only swallow me up if I let it. It will only get to me and change the light hearted and loving nature that bleeds from my soul, if I let it. The unknown will take every piece of proof a loving person ever existed, if we let it.

I know this might seem like I am painting this whole thing out like a battle. Like I am stepping onto a battlefield in the fight for my life, and if I don’t succeed, than that’s it and any memory of me will be wiped from the earth. Sometimes I picture a battlefield with all the fallen soldiers that died for what they believed in (or what they were forced to believe in), and I see the deeper meaning and the metaphor that corresponds to their life.

All those fallen bodies, all that blood and gore, is just energy and passion to make the world better, in their or their close friend’s eyes; for better or worse, they gave their life. Now, there have been many people that have fallen in the great struggles for justice, rights and dignity. They fought with everything they had, and weren’t able to carry out their full potential because it was cut short. It was extinguished before the full and true meaning could be realized.

What we should take away from all this is not a feeling of sadness that they didn’t succeed, but warmth in our soul because they attempted to change something in the first place. An issue in their heart was so strong, they were willing, and so full of energy that they just needed to go out and take action. They went out with what weapons they had, whether it was a pen, a microphone or a gun, and fought for what they thought was right (or what they were forced to think was right). In this they found their real purpose in life. They figured out that we were all put on this earth to take action.

We weren’t put here to just sit around and be complacent and apathetic to all the problems around us. We weren’t put here to see somebody suffering, and just walk by them because what we have going on is way more important than whatever they happen to be complaining about. We weren’t put here to only surround ourselves by wants and needs that satisfy us and the very close circle around us; we were put here to benefit society as a whole.

If we weren’t put here to help other people, then why were we put here? Were we granted this amazingly precious and finite thing they call life and free will, just so we can squander it by deeply caring about something only if it personally affects us? Were we put on this earth to be robots that are operated by some outside source, controlling not only what we say and what we do, but most importantly what we think?

The answer is an unequivocal no. We weren’t put here to only care about ourselves. We weren’t put here so we could just stomp on whoever gets in our way of achieving what some huge corporate entity wants us to, just so we buy their product.

We were put here so we can better ourselves. What we have to realize (and this is crucially important), is that we better ourselves so we can better others, not so we can ignore them. Humans are social beings; we thrive on interaction with people that don’t want to see us fail at every turn. We have to get past the anger. We have to get past the hate. We have to get past the way that every time a mass movement makes its way into the news, the only things that get talked about are what buildings were damaged, and how the marchers are radicals and anarchists, only looking to tear the system down.

We realize all that. We know all that stuff is happening. We have to not ignore that it’s happening, but we must be conscious of what’s going on, what we can expect, and what the actual problem is. The solution might be to follow the money; that the way to fix problems are to find out who it benefits, and who it affects. If we did this, it wouldn’t immediately change the fact that rights movements are painted as anarchist troublemakers, but it would help us see that the more upset the people at the top get, the closer we are to getting at the root of the problem.

The people who control things and keep the system in line, get more upset, angry and vicious when there is enough of an upwelling of support to make them feel threatened; when they feel there iron grip is slipping. We must realize that this is when we have to hunker down and not run away. We must meet this rage with love; it’s how we break this seemingly endless cycle. How we get to the point of love is how we evolve. How we evolve and get past our anger is by not ignoring it, but by recognizing it, taking away anything that can be useful, and then letting it go. The letting go part is the really important thing because, if we don’t let it go and we always stay angry, it gives us a false sense of being.

If we stay open minded and clear headed, we will start to realize the things around us. We will start to see all the injustice in the world, how there are things we might have ignored, and how terribly people can treat each other. If we stay with anger, and try to act through it, our actions will not be clear. There is no possible way to think straight when we are angry. This passionate anger can drive us to action, (and action is a good thing) but if we aren’t able to think clearly about what the implications and consequences of what we are about to do are, we probably shouldn’t do it. We should probably slow down, think and ponder what is really going on, what the real issues are, and why we are acting and or fighting in the first place.

This slowing down period is of immense help when we are trying to design a plan of attack. Once we get past anger, we will still see from time to time things and events that are awful, terrible and more horrible than we could ever imagine. The difference will be this time, that instead of immediately flying into a rage, we will slow down and think and just see it as taking in information . We will be able to look at the cause and effect, and what the underlying issues are. We will begin to formulate a solution because we are looking at everything in the bigger sense. Everything affects everything else, and positive change starts with us; whether its rage or reason is up to us.

Accountability is a grand concept. The idea of acting without thinking can seem like second nature to us. When we have been conditioned in such a fast paced lifestyle that asks so much of us on a daily basis, sometimes the only way to survive is automatic pilot.

This is why we have to change our way of thinking, or better yet, just start thinking all together. There is definitely a concept that exists that can slow this whole thing down, and that is obsessing. There is such a thing as over analyzing that keeps us from ever forming actions, because we are always thinking of all the possibilities, which keep our minds spinning out of control. This is when we have to decide what our buttons and levers are that will get us to act. What will drive us so strongly and give us such a passionate feeling that the only option we have is to act?

When we think about the world around us, we see what we can change and what we can’t. We see the atrocities that make our blood boil, and the genocide and hate that are bleeding the world dry of its humanity. We also see all the good in people taking care of each other, and all the love and understanding that help push forward our collective positive evolution as a species. This is again where balance comes in.

Balance is in important in all things. It’s important so we know what is positive and what is negative, because they are the definition of balance. We wouldn’t know what one was without the other. Without positive things happening, we wouldn’t know what the negative things are and vice versa.

Somebody was running in a field, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the day couldn’t have been more perfect. Except the person running through the field is being chased by a gunman that is trying to kill them. Whether this scene happens in wartime or in civilian life is irrelevant; they both usually have the same end result, the loss of human life.

The point is an all-encompassing perspective. We could see the person running through the field as a metaphor for the part of us that has gotten so far away from nature, that as we attempt to capture even a small sliver of it, we’re chased down by the force that wants not to recapture what is true nature, but what their physical     re-creation of what they think nature should be. Only when making millions upon billions of dollars is it worth it to the people at the top, if they can make some bucks off of us collectively not getting back to nature, then they will build a damn strip mall everywhere and anywhere they damn well please.

They will squash anything and everything that gets in their way. They act out of profit motive and greed for themselves and their inner circle. They act with a clear set of goals of where they want to go, what consequences they can endure, and what payoffs, sacrifices and judgments they’ll have to make is all part of their decision making process.

Now do they sometimes act without thinking, sure, they are only human just like us. They have the same needs and desires as us, they just might happen to have a giant amount of power and influence that helps them get anything they want (regardless if it is somebody else’s, or many somebody else’s).

So even though we might not have the same size bank accounts or the same size houses or cars, we are all human. We all have to go through the same process of taking in information, analyzing it, and trying to make sense of raw data we can articulate so people come over to our point of view. Consciousness and mindfullness are human things, no matter what income scale, class, race, creed, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation we come from, we all think. If we didn’t think, we would just be walking around like robots all the time, just waiting for our next oil change and lube job.

If we were robots, we would be put forth on an assignment, and we would move forward without fully knowing why we’re moving forward. We would go without thinking because all of our physical and material needs are being met. And if they aren’t being met, the system plants the idea in our minds that if we don’t have all the things we see our neighbor enjoying, then there must be something wrong with us, and we need to be striving towards those things that they have.

We have a much better chance of succeeding if we think about our actions before we make them. If we are very angry and/or passionate about something, (and a fire is burning within us that feels like it’s going to explode if we don’t do something) we want to make positive action as fast as possible. Sometimes a quick decision can be the difference between life and death, forcing us to act whether we want to or not; this is why we must think

If we can let any thought enter into our head, it would be a good thing. If we have a gut feeling that the action we are about to take might not be the right one, it should be listened to as it is our inner truth. The idea of knowing when to listen, when to ignore and when to follow what we know in our heart is the right thing to do is very important. This is a feeling that is so strong, that the very makeup of it permeates every corner of our soul. We know how we feel, we know how the world feels for the most part about it, and we know what the guy down the street would say, so we just do it. This is called unconsciousness because we act from previous thoughts we had. This can be hard for some to understand because it’s not something learned over night, but through much training of our minds.

We can act without thinking, we can act with thinking, and we can act because of previous thought. Is there anything else that will cause us to go through another thought and action process? I don’t know, I don’t know everything; but, I am open to all of life’s possibilities, and therefore love to hear what everybody has to say. If I am truly open to hearing everything, and keeping only what best serves me, I have to listen when others speak and give me their thoughts and opinions (even if I don’t like them). This is definitely something that is learned over time.

We get to the point of hearing, then listening, and then talking. But before we can get to the point of talking, there might come a stage where there is screaming, yelling, name calling, insults and all matter of attempted back stabbing and slander being tossed about just to throw the other one off their game. This happens because there wasn’t a convergence of basic thought and opinion.

I’m not talking about agreeing with what everybody says, I’m saying that when we hear people out, we find that all too often common ground gets overlooked because of political, social or religious reasons, or just because the person feels threatened by new ideas and a different outlook. To introduce a new way of thinking, can blow somebodies mind apart because it might be 180 degrees from their thinking. It could turn their world upside down to actually conceive that there is another way to think and be, a way that we can all come together like we never have before, but always knew deep down we could.

Sometimes I feel like I’m beating around the bush, like I am not coming to a conclusion that any sane human being could comprehend. Then I remember that there is a lot of other people out there just like me. People that feel so strongly in their hearts that they want to affect the positive evolution of the world, but they don’t know what to do, or exactly where or in what form to do it.

I attempted to write this book as my action; as my putting something forward into the world that is conscious and forward thinking, but also completely relatable to anybody that is human and sees that there is something going on, or thinks that there has to be a way to change our trajectory away from spiritual death and empire collapse. Also and most importantly, I believe this book is relatable to everybody that is human because they are human, and as humans, the same basic things drive us.

The need for food, water, shelter and clothing of course is universal among us. We all strive for it, just in different ways and with different means because of where we live or because of how we live. The need to be social beings, the need to be accepted as human beings, the need to protect and take care of our family, to make sure our kids are raised right, the need to not struggle and be stuck in survival mode so we can really put our full spiritual attention forward is universal.

It has been a struggle to find the right words to fully describe what I feel in my heart is such an easy solution to such a long lasting problem. It’s one of those things that’s easy and hard at the same time. It’s easy because there are basic things we have always known to be true, that get ignored for all sorts of reasons and events. It’s hard because they get at the heart of who we are, why we act, and what we do with our daily lives that makes life worth living not only to us, but to the rest of the world as well.

The idea is to just be good to each other, to see ourselves in every person we interact with. What are their needs and concerns and how do they differ from ours, and do they differ from ours at all? Humanism is the idea of treating everybody like we would like to be treated. Would we like somebody to put us down for the religion we believe in even though we might believe in it very strongly and believe it’s helping us find the light? So why do we do it to others?

Why do we put others down for their religion, when we wouldn’t want to be put down for ours? Would we want somebody to put us down for what we look like, where we’re from, or who our parents or family might be? The answer of course, is no. Instead of seeing everybody else’s path as not righteous and only leading to hell (or somewhere not as good as ours), we should see it as just another path to the same place; another window to the same room, or another door to the same spot.

Just because somebody isn’t exactly physically like us, doesn’t mean they are so different, or will think completely out of the norm. All it means is that we all come from different places and ways of thinking and being. The idea is to find our similarities, not our differences. This is where the idea of the old poster that used to hang up a lot in the 80s “All I really needed to know I learned in kindergarten” comes in. It is true. If we could remember to treat others like we would like to be treated (play nice in the sandbox), and really carry that to the full extent of what it truly means, then we have won a major battle, or a better way to put it, we have come to a better understanding, an evolution if you will; be nice to each other in the sand box of life. Next up is accountability because it goes hand in hand with humanism and treating others like we would like to be treated.

Accountability is used in our society to keep people in line to their government and vice versa, keep in line to their spouses, teachers, guides and their employers. It can be used for many sinister purposes to keep people down, but it can also be used for making sure politicians aren’t taking advantage of people and getting away with whatever they want.

This is how control seems so overpowering and all-encompassing. The politicians, big money funders and behind the scenes string pullers are trying to get away with as much as they can before they get caught. It is like a teenager getting caught sneaking out late, taking the car without permission, doing drugs or drinking, they are constantly testing their limits.

So is a politician, they are always and forever testing what they can get away with and what they can’t. When they know they can get away with anything, (or should I say when they think they can get away with anything) their actions will get bolder until they get caught. They are getting away with it because we allow them too. We allow them to pass laws that only benefit themselves and their friends, while squashing the people and lining their pockets.

Why does it seem like I have said this all before, why does it seem like we have all said this before? Why does it seem like the paycheck writers count on us becoming aware, questioning and developing a new sense of wanting to know just what the hell is going on when a law says it’s for one thing, but it’s really for another? Why do we always seem like we have to fight the same fight over and over again without really going anywhere?

Sometimes we go a little bit forward sometimes we go backwards before we progress forward. How do we build up energy so we can keep moving, and overcome adversity that is placed on us? But its more than adversity placed on us or that we place ourselves, it’s that problems might not even be there in the first place if we didn’t put faith in them.

All these distractions, these moral arguments, (whether some religions are better than others, what guns we can shoot and where, and whether everybody is equal to everybody else in every way or not) only exist because we buy into them.

I’m not saying those things don’t happen because they do, what I’m saying is that they only have their power because we allow it. Basically it comes down to the old saying that we can’t always change everything that goes on, but we can change how we respond to it.

We can go in knowing that there will always be people and events that try to shake us from our ingrained want for positive social change; and their power will get stronger the more they “think” they will succeed. We just have to stay focused, open, and remember why we started this journey in the first place.



Bridging gaps and bringing people together is the key to so many problems. Yet sometimes we don’t even try to make life better, we just stand in our ivory towers and wait for hellfire to rain down on us so we can take out our bows and arrows to fight off the hoard. Sometimes we’re way out gunned and lose much of our blood and treasure. Sometimes we have a secret hidden (or not so hidden) weapon so we can destroy what’s in our path without giving it a second thought. Sometimes we realize how completely ridiculous this all is, and just want to drop the gun issue and walk away; this fight can be solved with a conscious conversation and loving human energy flow.

We should try doing what we can, when we can. Trying to bring people together is never a bad thing. We must be vigilant in watching out for those of us who will stop at nothing to achieve more, and gain more of everything then everybody around them. These are the people that will be harder to reach. But we must never give up, we just need our own energy to be higher so we can handle it. This is where talking to not just the easiest people to convince comes in, but also the most perceptive and down to earth as well.

When we surround ourselves with positive, conscious and perceptive people, our energy starts to soar. Once this happens, we have a chance to take on those impossible to convince people and show them they can feel love too.



We can be at peace if we want, we can love if we want; we can even be at the mercy of whoever is pushing our buttons and pulling our strings, if we want. We can do everything and nothing at the same time. There is choice and balance, and we must figure out how to use both of them to the best of our ability. Why must we have choice and balance to move forward? Why do we have to fight or stand up, won’t somebody else do that for us so we can just continue sitting here and looking pretty?

We can feel gratitude and we can feel hate. We can feel peace, and we can feel war. We can only feel what we can feel, but at the same time, we can also change. We can also surprise ourselves by proving that we can move forward. We can unite around what we already know we agree on, because we already agree on it. We can do all the things we want to do, and be all the things that we want to be.

We have a choice. Life is constantly evolving, so we must learn to change with the times. We must not be afraid when something screams in our face that they’re here to help, but we’re too stubborn and stuck up to listen.

We can love each other, because we already do. We can unite with each other, because we already have. We can feel all the things that we dream of, because they are already here. Yes, we have war, famine, genocide, occupation, and as many synonyms for dehumanization as we can find, but is that because we don’t stand up and say enough is enough? If you are already standing up and saying enough is enough, I commend you. You’re the ones the rest of us should be following because you’ve taken the lead, showing us the way we can all grow together.

I love my life, and I have come to a point where I can say it and truly mean it. I wouldn’t want to be in any other time or any other place than this place and this time right now. I know there is something great out there for us, we just need to go out and grab it.



The biggest changes we seek start from within. All the time we spend searching for the one thing that’s going to just appear and fix everything, might be better spent if we look in the mirror. We are the people we’ve been waiting for; we are the force that will fix everything (life is one of those things that is easy and hard at the same time). We can fix most things if we focus on what the actual problem is, and come up with solutions that include reconciliation, instead of punishment and revenge.

Politicians of any stripe have big money people in their pockets, just by the name of the game they have to procure a hefty war chest if they hope to be elected. Has it always been this way? Is this a recent development, or has it happened ever since people with money and means figured they could control the masses if they threw them some crumbs and entertained them, blinding them from what’s going on behind the scenes?

We must figure out why the people with the most money always seem to have the most say, and therefore can practically buy themselves all the power and influence they want. Is it because of insecurity that they must control everything around them, and squash anybody that tries to take what they’ve worked for or not worked for?

Or is it because the rich have worked and struggled to move forward with their vision, and have really made something of and for themselves? Are they making money and expanding out of some want to do good, or just the aura of it? This is when we must ask ourselves whether we feel we must grab all we can, or can we see what’s really important to us and the world?; the answer to why politicians screw up and screw us over could be part of the answer.

Sometimes, we as people (who walk the earth every single day) wonder when is going to be our time. When is going to be the time that we stand up and say enough is enough? When is the income gap going to be wide enough to cause a mass revolt against a machine that’s designed to suck as much productivity out of its workers until they can’t work anymore? Would they then just install a new one like when a battery goes dead on a new toy? The toy might stop moving and making noise, and might seem like its dead. But take the battery out and put in a new one, and the toy is like new again. The original battery is discarded, never to be thought of again because of its temporary usefulness to the user.

Why do I bring up this metaphor? Have you ever felt like an interchangeable battery that’s used for what it can produce, and then discarded when something else comes along that can produce just a little bit more? The grass is always greener on the other side right, so how can we ever catch up? How are we ever going to attain what the person next to us has?

This is when we have to change our way of thinking. We must realize that there is always going to be people better and more productive than us. Some people might also be worse and way bigger slugs than us. What we have to do is work with them and not against them. We must realize we aren’t in a race against the person next to us, but on a journey to make a positive impact on the world along with everybody else. Some people might think they’re in a race, which is why they might need a gentle reminder that they aren’t.

We’re all at different places in our journey. Some of us are ready to feel the next step of evolution and understanding. Some are ready to explore where we’re headed as a species and what we can do to make it the best future possible. Some of us aren’t ready to think those big deep thoughts though, and are only comfortable with the simple things in life, working a job, taking care of family and hanging out with friends. We might have time for all those things, or we might not be ready, only we ourselves know the answer.

The best thing we can do is to realize everybody we’ve ever come into contact with, (and everybody we will come into contact with in the future) are traveling the same journey with the same basic steps as us, even though our specific lessons might be different. Once we see that everybody is going through the same things and asking themselves the same questions, (having the same basic obstacles and wanting to do the best they can) we’ll see the world in a different light. I realize everybody might not appear they want to do good, but deep down they do. Maybe they’ve been traumatized, maybe they’re selfish, whatever the reason somebody might have for not wanting to do good, only means they don’t know what to do, or aren’t ready. Once we realize that people are unconscious, super conscious and everything in-between, we begin to see where we’re connected, where we were all once originally joined, and where we can unite again.

We might not know where we’re going on a daily basis; we might not know where the end game is to the questions in life that are the biggest roadblocks we face. The best thing we can do for ourselves when we’re confused and don’t know what to do, is just smile. Feel gratitude for everything we have, and use that as motivation to do something positive for the rest of us that might be struggling a bit in the love department.

How do we break a violent cycle with love? How do we break a cycle of war with peace? How do we break the unending cycle of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, the environment getting more polluted and developed, and the education system more gauged to making a buck than to actually teaching people? How do we break the cycle of a health care system built for making a profit instead of actual health care, or the military from running amok and killing whoever they want if it pleases the government and their aims of controlling all the means of production? How do we change a tax system so it gets the money it needs, but not the majority from people that don’t have money, don’t fund the government or might not even vote for them? How do you break the cycle of all that?

First, we start talking to one another. I’m not referring to talking at each other and just waiting to speak, or trying to listen while the other person is yelling that you’re stupid and so are your beliefs. I’m talking about having a real conversation and sharing ideas. We can see what the other person has to say, and ask ourselves what it has to do with the place we all want to go. Will we get our chance to speak when we reach a consensus?

I think the reason this will work this time (when it hasn’t so many times in the past), is that if we come from a place where we see the other person as being of the same basic makeup as us, (a member of the human race) we won’t want to personally attack them because we’d be attacking ourselves.

Second, once we start talking; we can see how deep the problems go, what brought them on and what caused their growth. We can figure out what funded them, what created them, what can be done to fix them, end them, or at the very least do whatever we can so they don’t happen in the future.

Third, once we realize what created generational problems at their root, we’ll understand who created them, and if we had anything to do with it. Did we personally do something to cause this? Did we cause this war to break out and for people to die? Is it the way we interact with the world that brings on the major societal problems we have? When the rolling stones said in sympathy for the devil, “who killed the Kennedys, after all it was you and me,” they meant it was a collective way of thinking so unaccepting of others that a person standing up to end it, was shot and killed just so we could see that we have a problem.

I love people and the earth and everyone and everything around me so much, that sometimes I don’t see how people can be so harsh and so cold. Truly, how could anybody in real life be as evil as the people at the top hiding behind their curtains, and camping at their bohemian groves? They can’t possibly be planning the destruction of the world because of a want to control. They must be passed the money because at the billions and trillions level it’s just numbers on a computer screen anyway, so all they care about its power and influence, right? Then I remember that maybe some of these people are evil, and some aren’t, I’ll never know unless I know them or study them. Even then, it takes paying attention to not only what’s on our sides and behind us, but most importantly what’s in front of us. We must prepare to observe what the problems are, so we can get an accurate picture of how to solve them.

When we start thinking outside of the box, we start using ideas to bring us together so we can unite around what we already know we agree on. Even though we might not remember, we can have a recollection of talking and uniting when what we have in common, and how we’re the same comes to the forefront of our mind instead of how we’re different. We will have a good base to work from when we see that when we’re fighting others, we’re really fighting ourselves, and when we love others, we love ourselves. Now I ask you, would you rather love yourself, or would you rather fight and be violent and hateful to yourself?

The next step we should take is using all this knowledge we’ve gained from each other to fix the problems of society. It’s like when we graduate college, we’re supposed to go out and get a job that shows off all the things we learned, and show that all the hard work we put in wasn’t a waste of time. We must go out there and use what we’ve learned to better humanity, and raise the consciousness of us all.

We all yearn for a better world where we can move forward and live free. We ALL want this, the sooner we see that, the sooner we will achieve our dreams; and the sooner we will stop trying to best other people, and start journeying alongside them.

Is the perfect world inside our head just a dream, a thought conjured up by a poor and lonely soul that had way too much time on their hands? Or is it something that we have to work at creating through our everyday actions, that weaves them throughout all our routines. We can achieve the greatness we all feel, and the greatness we all know is possible if we just got out of our own way.

We are the people that we’ve been waiting for, we are the souls that will heal the planet. We are the salve that will fix the wound. All the problems of the planet can be fixed if we let the fog of contention lift, and the air of truth to swirl in; “real and authentic” would be the kind of people we elect and put in power.

Sometimes there is a thought, some great philosophical point to the whole journey of life and everything that’s in it (especially for this long book and the ones that preceded it). All I can say is that I’m glad I was able to put some of my thoughts out there for the masses to read. I will never stop trying to make this world a better place, my passion will never dim for humanity and my gratitude for the earth will never, ever disappear. I just want to let people know that I understand it, I get it, and I am ready to do something about it. Who is with me??