“Search For Truth: A Better Day…”

“Search For Truth: A Better Day…”

Bryan Radzin’s spellbinding new book, “A Better Day”, is the seventh novel in his “Search For Truth” series. The story breaks down the extreme challenges, of how to set up a new government, after popular sentiment led to critical mass uprising, and overthrow of the previous. Truth, humanism and accountability bleed through the soul of Jason and the Truth Seekers, as they not only express the need for the major systemic change, but use all their life experience, to usher it in, because they finally have the power to do so.

Extremists vs. non-extremists, emerges as the battle that must be fought; because political party, pails in importance to consciously, human action. Detractors flood in from all sides, as the Truth Seekers and their enemies, attempt an election, according to their signed treaty. Double crossing, violent reprisals, as well as human connection and unity chaotically swirl through the country, as Harriet Brown tries to assume the highest office in the land. Will the Truth Seekers enact a more human way to govern, or will the enemies of humanity continue down the rabbit hole of mutually assured destruction?

Excerpts From, “Search For Truth: A Better Day…”:

“The world isn’t painted in identical hues of black and white, but umpteenth shades of gray; making all our preconceptions fall by the wayside. This is when we’re about to learn a lesson we need to learn. Which leads to the path we’re supposed to travel, because what’s staring us in the eyes, is the unadulterated truth”

“If the best place to hide something is in plain sight, did the founders plan it that way? Maybe after escaping religious persecution, they thought long and hard about the country they were building.  Maybe they programmed into the system, the very thing that could bring it down. Maybe they figured the best way to expand their power and influence, was to overtly display what schemes they were pulling, and how.”

“If we the people, claim our rightful place at the head of the table, but the push back to retain old traditions is so strong, violent measures are taken in defense, have we become the despots? Will we hold to our principles, that all humans are created equal, and all have a seat at the table?”

“Whether it was Custer’s last stand, or John Brown robbing Harpers Ferry, the American resolve doesn’t dissipate; even in the midst of defeat. When everything looks like it’s going to fail, something within continues to push us forward. This is when we take everything we have left, and heave a Hail Mary. We hope this last-ditch effort will defeat our enemies, knockdown our roadblocks, and bring success to our years of token progress.”

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