From The Mind Of Critic – August 27th, 2016

From the mind of critic: “If two wrongs don’t make a right, do two or three or four or five or six? Can we commit so many wrongs, that it is a perfectly lived out example of what wrong is? Does this perefect example of what wrong is actually help us, because it shows us exactly what right is? Or does committing so many wrongs, make us think we’ll always be wrong, so what’s the point of anything? We all go through rough times, it’s part of our collective human journey. The wrongs don’t define us unless we allow them to, because we can’t change the bad things that have happened, but we can change our reactions to them. We have the ability to see all the wrongs we’ve committed, and how they might have been really wrong, and then realize we can do the right thing. We can take all the bad we’ve done, and use it as a roadmap for doing good. however it is our choice, just like it’s always been. We must decide on our right path, we must decide on our future. If we don’t, the wrongs will overtake us and take us down their path. Many wrongs don’t make a right, unless we use it as motivation to do the right thing; and then actually do the right thing, because we can’t picture ourselves doing the wrong thing anymore. We can change our direction, we just have to want to” 🙂

From The Mind Of Critic – August 26th, 2016

From the mind of critic: “If we’re constantly asking what’s the matter with Kansas, are we also asking what’s the matter with ourselves? If we keep asking what’s wrong with “them”, that they don’t hold our values, speak our language or even pay taxes, are we asking what’s wrong with us? Do we think we’re the gold standard, and everybody on the planet fights and struggles to be like us, because we’re the perfect example of a human being? Or do we think we’re the best, because all “others” are trying to take our stuff? When something goes wrong, we usually wanna place blame as fast as possible. So we can either fix a problem, or explain it away. Sometimes we’re the ones to blame, but because we don’t wanna take responsibility for our actions or stage in life, we blame the “other”, that person with the different skin color, who speaks that weird language from that country we can’t pronounce. Sometimes these “other” people are from here, speak our language, but don’t happen to live their lives like we think they should. If we get over our fear of self-examination, we’ll see that most of the time we project onto others what we’re lacking. Kansas has problems from time to time sure, but if we consciously work to fix our own issues, we’ll stop projecting figments of our imagination unto others”

From The Mind Of Critic – August 25th, 2016

From the mind of critic: “If we’re demanding that the law protect us,when we knowingly break the law, do we belive the world owes us everything without us having to lift a finger? If we are illegaly living in a house that we don’t own or haven’t signed a lease or rental agreement for, and we hurt ourselves or sue because the legal property owners have turned off utilities that we never paid for, do we belive we deserve something for free that everybody else has to pay for? Or do we just look for a place to stay when we’re otherwise homeless, and sometimes people don’t like the spots we choose? We apparently live in an age where people can illegaly live at or on our property, or break into our house, and then sue us if we kick them out or they hurt themselves. There are actual laws that prtoect this monumental devious behavior. There is an old saying that goes, when there are unjust laws, we are obligated to break the law. These squatters might believe that’s what theyre doing, but we can do it also by telling them to leave. Civil disobedience and breaking unjust laws are required of an informed population. We just have to make sure we’re fighting for equal rights. not for rights that nobody has. We need equal, not seperate” 🙂

From The Mind Of Critic – August 24th, 2016

From the mind of critic: “If we claim that honesty is the best policy in our personal lives, how come we keep electing politicians who don’t even know what that policy means? Is it because politicians claim honesty while not really following it because it’s just something to say, kinda like we do? Or do we elect polticians who lie because we’ve told ourselves everybody lies, so we might as well elect the person who lies the least? Most of us portray ourselves as good and honest people, because that’s what we want the world to see, regardless of how we actually are. So it makes sense that once we make it to elected office, we want it to continue. Maybe we’re scared of telling the truth because we think people couldn’t handle it. Maybe we stretch, bend and twist the truth because we think we can get something out of people, we might not otherwise have gotten. Maybe we’re waiting for the truth to make sense to us, before we tell others. If we want politicians to stop lying to us, we have to stop lying to ourselves” 🙂

From The Mind Of Critic – August 23rd, 2016

From the mind of critic: “If we are lucky enough to definitively and succinctly describe what we want and what we’re looking for, is it difficult when so many people dont know what they want, let alone succinctly? Are most people scrambling around just trying to survive, while seeing glimpses and aspects of what they want, but are never able to spit it out? Or do all of us know to a certain extent what we want, but are at different stages of not only honestly expressing ourselves, but also of allowing ourselves to recieve what we’re looking for? The world can be filled with darkness, hate and no hope, or the world can be filled with light, love and inspiration. Once we see that our perspective guides our thoughts, which in turn creates our actions, we’ll see that it is up to us what we take personally. The more negativity we take personally, the less likely we’ll be able to decipher what brings us joy. However, the positivity we take personally, we want will naturally emanate from the inner joy we posses. Inner honesty is one of the keys to enlightenment” 🙂

From The Mind Of Critic – August 20th, 2016

From the mind of critic:   “If we’re the change we’ve been looking for, why don’t we realize it? Why do we constantly look for satisfaction, fulfillment and joy on the outside, when it has been inside us the whole time? Are we afraid of opening up the part of ourselves that would allow us to see it, for fear of being seeing as vulnerable by all those out there looking to do us harm? Or do we know the power that our soul possesses, but are weary of opening up to just anybody, for fear of wasting our time with somebody that isn’t worth our time? Being the change we want to see is something we’ve heard for a long time, that somehow if we’re authentic enough, others will notice, and realize they can be authentic too. Much to often we can tell ourselves that if we got this job or that house, or this person to love that will make us feel special, or get that one big break, that everything will change and all our dreams will come true. We’ll wait and wait and wait and when that outside force doesn’t come, we’ll get depressed and think we’ll never find what we’re looking for. However, if we realize that we have so much to be thankful for, the gratitude that will ooze out of our pores will bring in the people and events, that are truly meant for our conscious evolution” 🙂

From The Mind Of Critic – August 19th, 2016

From The Mind Of Critic:  “If we can’t always get what we want, but if we try, we sometimes we get what we need, does that mean needs and wants have the same probability of happening? Do we have to put in an equal amount of effort into needs and wants to have a chance at them, but whose results are still up in the air? Or do we put more effort into our needs, because they set a good foundation for us to to begin allowing ourselves to accept our wants? Ive heard for a long time, that you do what you need to do, so you can do what you want to do. That we have to take care of ourselves, specifically so we can take care of others. All of our needs and wants are unique, because we’re all unique people. Even the ideas of needs and wants are completely subjective. What we must remember, is that all of our needs and wants might be different, but the place they spawn from is the same. We might not be able to get what we want and need all the time, no matter how much effort we put in. But if we put in no effort at all, we’re guaranteed to be unfulfilled. Taking care of ourselves, is the snowball that starts the avalanche: 🙂

From The Mind Of Critic – August 18th, 2016

From the mind of critic: “if the tiny seeds we cultivate are expected to grow into big and tall plants, is the weather that effects them also expected? Do we believe that if we plant the seeds, we can just kick back and relax, because our work is done, and all we have to do is bask in the glory of our gardening prowess? Or do we realize that just because we planted seeds, doesnt guarantee they’ll grow, even if we have accounted for all the million variables that make the sprout pop out of its shell? Gardening and farming is a constant experiment just like life, where we try to put ourselves in the best position for success. The interesting part is, no matter how much we increase our chances of coming out on top, nothing is guaranteed, not even death and not even taxes. So what do we do? We may not be able to guarantee ourselves success simply by putting the work in, but we can guarantee ourselves joy if we let the gratitude wash over us for even being given the chance. Nothing in life is guaranteed, except growth from seeds that go unplanted” 🙂

From The Mind Of Critic – August 17th, 2016

From the mind of critic:  “If there is an undescribable concept, do we try to describe it anyway, trying to make sense of it? If there is something we cant put words to, do we try anyway, because those words are how we descrbe it? And if describing thoughts, feelings and concepts are how we make sense of the world, how do we explain all the chaotic events that happen on a daily basis? I heard it once said that conspiracy theories spring out of us trying to make sense out of chaos. Some things dont make sense in a practical way, whether it be politics, religion the way we treat each other, or how big an ego we have. What we must do for our psyche is realize we may not know how to describe things, but we know how they feel. Love is something that we all know how it feels, but we could never give it words that would do it justice. If something out there doesn’t make sense will we attempt to explain it, or just ignore it and bottle up our feelings? We must ask ouselves, what is more beneficial to us?

From The Mind Of Critic – August 16, 2016

From the mind of critic: “Are we so scared of missing out, that to stay completely open to every possibility, we do things we normally wouldn’t do, because our minds tell us it might be different this time? Do we pass over long term joy in favor of short term happiness, because we think we won’t find joy till we’re to old to do anything about it? Do we make ourselves happy for the moment, even though we know that moment is extremely short, and will leave us even unhappier than we were when it’s over? Or do we want that long term joy with every fiber of our being, because as we get older and more alone, we see it drifting further and further away as a thing that might actually happen? Sometimes we can feel so down and depressed that we haven’t found joy, we question if we’ll ever be given the chance. This is when we have to keep staying open and keep letting our light shine, no matter how long we’ve been at it. If we actually wanna succeed at career and we actually wanna find love, we have to stay open the best we can. Love and success will find us, hopefully”