from the mind of critic: 8/17/19


From the mind of critic:        “Does kneeling during the national anthem, denote the best time to protest? Does singing the words, “rockets’ red glare, bombs’ bursting in air, gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there,” overtly approval of a war machine, that thinks nothing of killing poor people in other countries, specifically because they do the same here? Has the flag we’re told to honor by standing, removing our hats and putting our hand over our heart, proven itself detrimental by not earning our trust and love, but expecting us to fall in line? The act of taking a knee, and not blindly following what we’re ordered to do, is an act of civil disobedience this country was founded on. The protests of professional athletes, whenever and however they feel is right, is exactly what the founders intended. Protest is meant to be uncomfortable, and make people question motivations, not held in a polite, respectful manner, and only in the place and time the protested against allow. If we don’t approve and support the racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and neck deep corruption meant to keep it all in place, we should get mad as hell, not take it anymore, and get off our ass and demand change. This may come in the form of storming corporate offices with signs and blow horns. It may come in the form of flooding city council, county, state and federal meetings. It may come in the form of not paying war taxes, or refusing to buy certain products. It may also show up in the form of an athlete at the top of their game, making the decision to kneel during the most American moment, in the most American sport, showing the world they cant put up with police brutality and the systematized dehumanization of non-white people anymore, and are willing to give up their career if necessary, because they couldn’t live with themselves any longer if they didn’t. Protesting, standing up, demanding change, and ensuring that change is made through infinitely sustainable critical mass, is the most American thing that can be done. Anybody who doesn’t think so, should go back to the shithole country their family came from, not the one they falsely claim. What it truly means to be American, is the same as what it truly means to be human. It’s we the people, not some of the people. Sit, stand, kneel, even turn your back, the freedom to protest when we feel wronged, is the only reason, “our flag was still there through the night,”; not war, but love and humanistic passion to help our species conscious evolve.”

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