from the mind of critic: 8/13/19


From the mind of critic:    “If we feel like we’re running out of time, due to the sheer volume of chaos trying to halt our never-ending decision process, how do we make the most of our time? How do we spend it in such a way that extends moments by making them more lucid, which in turn gives us more time? Is the idea of time subjective, a construct designed to make sense out of the non sensical, or is it simply a way to fit in or ignore as many good or bad things during our day as possible? Are we willing to put on somebody else’s shoes? Just like everything in life, it comes down to perspective. Do we spend time, or do we kill it? Is the world really chaotic, or is it simply an amalgamation of infinite journeys, discovering all different stages simultaneously? We have plenty of time, in that each moment we experience, has the potential to stretch as long as the world’s existence, or be so small, it’s ignored as we walk by. We either have all the time, no time or some time, and most likely a combination. However, we will never know which is which, unless we’re conscious of what’s going on in front, as well as behind our eyeballs. This mindfulness helps us gain perspective, before we form thoughts of just what the hell is going on. And just what the hell is going on? Well I could tell you, but why listen to me? Why not experience life, and be open to its lessons, find love and not be a racist, sexist dickhead? That is if you want to be a well-rounded person who loves themselves so they can love others, not in spite.”

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