From the mind of critic:    “If marches alone won’t bring integration, when human respect is disintegrating, have we ever asked why? Why do people endlessly fight for generations, when a simple handshake, a short, but courteous conversation with eye contact, and a very elementary view of looking at the world we learned in kindergarten, would fix most things? If we treat each other like we’d like to be treated, but believe all talk and no action is enough, will we forever chase the dragon of true unity, being just out of our reach? Are we only scared of revolution, because of the illusion of being outnumbered, when really it’s us who do the outnumbering? There are many ways to promote positive change, in the ever-mutating shit soufflé we call life. They can be small, mundane and boring, or they could be big flashy and exciting, both of which would have no success if not done in unison. We have a fascist dictator, who foments his control by adding zeros to his bank account and curtailing our rights, while violent racists are given tacit approval to defend him and his devolution by bullying, fighting and murdering into submission all of his perceived enemies, who are really just simple, real, loving, perceptive, tolerant, accepting, hardworking and passionate people like you and me; humans who give a shit about people other than themselves. This is the unfortunate societal location we find ourselves in. Are we gonna idly sit by and allow ourselves to be slaughtered, or are we gonna stand shoulder to shoulder, and say enough is enough? Are we finally gonna be confident enough in ourselves, to create the better world of our dreams now? Love will help us achieve now, and will provide the passion to sustain it. We will fix things, we just need to start building what comes next, first.”

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