from the mind of critic-3/21/19

From the mind of critic:                 “If we sit and wait for darkness to lighten, do we also wait for lightness to darken? If we wait for something to go from bad to good, does some part of us know the waiting goes both ways because of life’s balance? Do we not think about either side, but are simply living our lives and trying to make things better, because people who sit and wait will always be doing just that, waiting? Sometimes we need to wait, sometimes we need to work, and sometimes we even need to play. All of life’s situations and infinitely changing landscape call for different actions and reactions. How do we know when to do what? Being conscious and mindful of what’s in front of us, will alert as to what we need to do now. Sometimes we need to wait on somebody else, sometimes we need to work to make something happen, and sometimes we need to play because of all the working and waiting we’ve done. The key as always is balance, not doing any one thing too much. If we do, we’ll always wait for good things to end as well as bad, because we’ve ceded control, and admitted our own helplessness. Once we realize life isn’t always what it seems, we’ll see that what “take everything on a case by case basis” really means, is that life might be dark, light or stormy, which causes us to spin out over what to do; we slow that spin by not always waiting for something to happen, or working to make it happen, but paying attention so we know what the correct course of action should be. Darkness will lighten, when it’s ready. Taking action, means knowing when not to act. Life doesn’t have a silver bullet, and ours gets much happier when we stop looking for one. Living in the present, prevents the past or the future from controlling us.” 😊

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