from the mind of critic-3/20/19

From the mind of critic:             “When progress has been made, and benefits of that progress begin to show, but then progress abruptly moves backward, do we freak out thinking all hope is lost? Does the confidence we built that we could accomplish something, float away when a roadblock is erected not of our own making? Does our critical thinking melt from the heat of our physical and/or emotional pain? Do we give up hope, or do we remember why we tried succeeding in the first place, which reminds us why we need to keep going? There are times in our lives when things don’t always go as planned, or even in a direction which doesn’t cause us pain. These times are tough, like the whole world is fighting against us taking one step forward, while simultaneously pushing us two steps back. Surrounding ourselves with good people, taking care of our body by eating right and sleeping enough, and taking care of our mind by keeping it active, are all tools we must utilize to keep our self-sabotage at bay. However, sometimes we do all that, and stuff still trends backward. Once we realize life always has been and always will be a roller coaster with ups, downs and loop-de-loops, we’ll see that shit isn’t always going to happen the way we want, but the more we keep pushing toward our goals and dreams, because we remember it’s the only thing that really matters, the less these low times will control us, specifically because we know they’re temporary. Life is like ripping off a Band-Aid, the pain is short lived. Our turnaround time shortens, when our self-love grows. Pain hurts, but only a fraction as much as not trying. Giving up hope is like giving up oxygen, we couldn’t survive. Having a loving and caring inner circle, creates a much stronger outer circle. Appealing to our better angels works, when we start living within our better selves. If our priority is love, it will always be our copilot.” 😊

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