from the mind of critic-3/22/19


From the mind of critic:                         “If laughter is the best medicine, is anger the worst disease? If laughing at a joke with friends, family or complete strangers can change our outlook from fuck the world, to a yearning to cherish it, can anger at being screwed over, cut off on the road or others not being better humans, change our outlook from lets love one another, to I want to squeeze every bit of goodness out of you? Do perceptions of what’s going on vary as much as cracker types in the grocery store, which can change on a whim, or even the hint of something coming down the road? Do we have as much of an effect on others, as they do on us? Anger is a normal human emotion, one that must be admitted and analyzed for us to evolve. Although getting mad can initially be a motivating factor to move us in the right direction, critically thinking about the actions we take makes whatever we do not only as purposeful as possible, it helps us avoid serious regret. None of us are perfect, and I don’t think any of us would want to be even if we had the chance. Laughter can bring us up, while anger can bring us down, but if we don’t think about why, we’re likely to be led down a road we never would have chosen otherwise. Clear thoughts are impossible, when anger fogs us over. Laughter fixes what ails us, because it forces our outlook to be positive. As our perceptions change, so to must our understanding. We start going in the right direction, when we stop allowing things to pull us in the wrong one.” 😊

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