from the mind of critic: 1/29/19

From the mind of critic: “If we realize we can’t know where we’re going, until we know where we’ve been, how do we figure out where we are? Do we devise an equation, involving as many variables as possible? Do we sit back, overwhelmed by the sheer fact that understanding where we’ve been, and internalizing it so it gives us a clue where we’re going is hard enough introspective work, without then having to take that answer that’ll never be black and white, and hammering out exactly where we stand? Do we feel these internal questions are only asked by the well off, people who have enough time to ponder, because they aren’t being held neck deep in survival mode by generations of an ever-widening wealth gap? Do we ask where we’ve been, are and where we’re going, but don’t get hung up on the answers, because after much life experience, we know those answers are constantly changing, evolving and mutating, so trying to decipher “the answer” is a fool’s errand? Trying to figure out the world is hard enough, without knowing ourselves. Asking ourselves those deep and sometimes dark questions, can be the most uncomfortable thing we’ve ever endured. Sometimes this leads to figuring out the world, because working on issues outside of ourselves, allows us to be passionate, without being held prisoner in our own minds. These chains become tighter, rustier and heavier the longer we go without dealing with what’s holding us back. Once we realize that learning, knowing then experiencing who we are might change over time, but being conscious of it along the way, gives us the best chance of figuring out our past and our future, we’ll see that we may never receive the answers we’re looking for, but utilizing effort and conscious thought will provide a path forward. Understanding history, helps us not ignore the future. Ignoring our present, makes our past and future irrelevant. Grounding ourselves, allows us to strategically survive our own mind. Answers might not ever be clear, but become less foggy when we realize it really is all about the journey.”

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