from the mind of critic: 1/30/19

From the mind of critic: “If death is simply the finality of life, therefore part and parcel of the process itself, where does the fear of it come from? Does it appear when we realize we won’t see another sunset, won’t laugh again with friends, and will lose our love and support system? Does it appear when we look at our bucket list, and spot so many places and events we didn’t experience, or even remembered to list it in the first place? Does it appear when we realize everything is coming to an end, like the dark at the end of a light tunnel? Do we not fear death not because we’re unafraid of the end, but because we live everyday like it’s our last, and fill it with as much soul filling activity as possible, that way if it did end, we’d have zero regrets? Death can be a scary thing, the fact that our loved ones can leave us anytime and vice versa, can bring a dark cloud which encapsulates our forward motion. This heaviness can weigh us down, influencing our every thought and action, until we’ve fully ceded control. The keyword being can, because it doesn’t have to. Death is simply a part of life, part of the positive negative balance. We must have an end specifically to have a beginning, and vice versa. So, how do we delete this fear? I don’t know we ever fully can. However, we can lessen its power and influence on our daily lives, by relegating it to crazy street preacher status. We enact this lessening process by living each day, I mean really living. Not necessarily extreme sports, although that could certainly work for some. I mean from the moment we wake up, we need to breathe in the beauty of the universe, and feel nothing but gratitude. We must see how people matter to us because they’re human, and so are we. We must take in this good energy, and not hold onto it, but expel it back out; not just through kind and charitable works, but through listening to the soul of others. Listen, the fear of death greatly increases along with our increase of regret, which greatly decreases the more human we are to each other. Death is scary, but so is life lived unconsciously. Regret is overcome, by listening to our heart. Our earthly time is limited, living life purposefully, makes time move slower. If we view death as simply a new beginning, we won’t see it as a scary end.”

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