from the mind of critic: 1/28/19

From the mind of critic: “Is the current administration, as well as the general state of the world brought us a society to the beginning of the end, or simply the end of the beginning? Has setup, foundations and game plans once thought fringe or crazy not only taken hold, but have found a comfortable and strong place from which to grow, evolve and mutate its most sinister aspects? Have we reached a point where the fringe and crazy have fully crept out of the woodworks, and started to institute their worst aspects, but has also fueled the resistance with motivation that the power structure can finally be struck down, because the inevitably of positively conscious change has struck fear into those who fight against it, even though history shows they will lose? Opinions always have and always will vary widely no matter the region, or political party. Whether the world is going to hell because it’s getting too dark, gay and feminine, wishing it would return to a more homogenous and less accepting time, or whether it’s finally representing the people who live in it, and is evolving like it always has to leave out humans and roadblocks that refuse, deny and fight change, is up in the air. Not because everyone has it figured out, but because everybody has a different opinion. What we all can agree on, is this is a time of major change and upheaval, that will change the face and course of this country for generations. Once we realize that if we’re against the rights of people, period, full stop, we’re going to lose, we’ll see that unless we want to be among the biggest group of historical losers who fetishize other losers yearning a return to a loser time, we won’t try to stop other human beings from trying to make a better life for them and their families, because we wouldn’t want others to do the same to us. Perspective can change with the wind, positive consciousness helps it blow in the right direction. Fighting inevitable change is like fighting a brick wall, it’s not going anywhere and you’ll just break your hand. The fringe becomes moderate, when the moderate becomes the fringe. Change is inevitable, humanity is not. Power structures fall, when people stand up.”

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