from the mind of critic: 1/24/19

From the mind of critic: “If the Democrats say they’ll come to the negotiating table once the government is open, and Republicans say they’ll open government once negotiations are through, who is going to blink first? If the Palestinians say they’ll come to the negotiating table when the Israeli’s stop building settlements, and the Israeli’s say they’ll stop building settlements when negotiations are through, who is going to blink first? If the east going Zax runs into the east going Zax, and each are too stubborn or not kind enough to move out of the other’s way, even if it’s one simple step left or right, who is going to blink first? Is blinking the actual problem, or is it a deep seeded belief inextricably tied to not only self-esteem and self-worth, but future success as well? Now I know we all have our opinions on both sides, but I think the question needs to be asked, when are standoffs used to prime the pump of negotiations, and when are they used as a hostage taking? When does it become not about the subject matter, but about building ourselves up, while tearing others down? When is the core of the conversation about security, really not about security but fear of the other invading, and stealing our way of life? How do we act in good faith with somebody, who has always only acted in bad faith through lies, subversion and manipulation? How do we come together, when not only do all signs point in the opposite direction, but get more entrenched by the day? How do we love others like ourselves, if we don’t love ourselves to begin with? I think we just answered our own question, with an answer that will evolve alongside us, as long as we see each other in ourselves, and never look away.”

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