from the mind of critic: 1/25/19

From the mind of critic: “If great things are somewhere over the rainbow, the sun will come out tomorrow, and tomorrow is a new day, does that prevent us from taking action today? Do we think that just because great things are coming, that we can just sit idly by? Does mindfully doing things in the here and now, take energy away from future plans? There is nothing wrong with planning and working toward a better future. In-fact if we want to extend the collective life of our species, we’ll come up with a plan that helps the most people and biggest area. However, if all we think about is the future while ignoring present day situations, personal relationships, and knowledge because we think we know everything, not only will we miss our future building opportunity, but we’ll completely miss out on what makes life tolerable, living. Once we realize planning on heaven for the future, completely disassociates with the idea of making heaven in the here and now, we’ll see that procrastination not only paints an ignorant view of the future, but deletes our opportunity to make our hopes and dreams come true, on a planet we all deserve and that’s still around, not tomorrow when it might not be. Rainbows disappear if looked at from a different angle, so do false prophets and pie in the sky thinking. Taking day to day action, prevents procrastination overload. Plans help if the don’t negate action, but propagates them. Of course, the sun will come out tomorrow, but living here now, shows us it’s shining today as well.”

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