from the mind of critic: 1/23/19

From The mind of critic: “If racism has its roots in financial insecurity and fear of the other, can it be alleviated with financial security and conscious confidence? If we stop blaming black and brown people for taking jobs we don’t want, because we have enough to securely support ourselves and our family, will we stop being racist? If we give up on the idea that we’re the white Christina nation we were never meant to be, because the interwoven nature of our community proves its strength through love and support of every member, will we stop being racist? If racism and classism were seen as the symbiotic destructive factors they are, because one couldn’t live without the other, would we hate each other if we stopped trying to best each other, specifically due to a lack of competitive downward mobility, and an influx of supportive and conscious, collective upward mobility. Hating others because they’re different, has been around as long as long as controlling others through wealth accumulation has been a concept. Trying to boil down such a complex problem can serve to reverse much struggled for progress. However, figuring out the root issues of race and class, can cause us to see not only where they were birthed, but the easy yet hard solutions that exist within any generationally ingrained problem. Once we realize that making things harder to solve, because we believe the solution couldn’t be easy, only chisels the problem in deeper, we’ll see that although we should never default to the easy way out, we should default to the hard way either, if we actually want to live that better future, instead of endlessly talking about it. Racial hatred, is symbiotic with self-hatred. Ignorance loves company, but so does love and understanding. Race and class are symbiotic, like peace and justice. We start listening to our better angels, when we realize they’ve always been with us.”

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