from the mind of critic: 1/22/19

From the mind of critic: “If hate isn’t born but learned, do the lessons of hate begin with the absence of love? Do we seethe with prejudicial ignorance, because love is nowhere to be found? Does our hate grow as our tank fills with darkness, because darkness is the opposite of light? Does the newest generation have the will and want, to overcome the dregs of darkness still teaching them, or do they see through the obvious and transparent hypocrisy, that believing our way is better than theirs? Should they not only be droned about it, but verbally and physically accosted for even thinking another way was the right one? The young ones can save us, or they can drive progress back until it’s almost out of reach. Same with the old, same with the rest of us. We have the opportunity to get past all the shit of our history, and live out the creed that is as of yet still unrealized. The rawness of how our issues are being currently displayed and described, is giving us a chance like we’ve never had before. Will we use it to build, heal and love, or destroy harm and hate? The future of our species as well as our planet, depends on our capacity for helping ourselves, specifically so we can help others, not in spite of them. Hate destroys, love builds. Light will only illuminate, if we allow it to. Hate of others dissipates, when we stop hating ourselves. Old hate will always accept new recruits, but becomes much less significant and influential, when their crazy street preacher status is illuminated.”

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