from the mind of critic: 1/21/19

From the mind of critic: “If we as a people will get to the mountaintop, do we as individuals stay in the canyons? Are we afraid of the treacherous journey to the top, involving people we don’t know who we must unite and work with if we hope to get past falling rocks, snow storms and wild animals? Are we not afraid but negative toward our potential for success, because it’s so imposing, intimidating and impossible? Does our hesitancy to climb the mountain have less to do with fear, but truth that we’ve witnessed the mountain grow while we sat there and watched, knowing we fueled it’s upward trajectory, and the longer we sit idle, the taller it becomes? The harder they come, the harder they fall is true, but action must be undertaken. To climb we must learn, prepare and track our course with the least number of pitfalls. We’ll never be able to avoid them all, but the more conscious we are of them, the better chance we have to overcome. Once we realize these lessons only teach unification and conscious evolution to critical mass and not individuals, because upward mobility only happens when we have each other’s backs, we’ll see we can only get to “a mountain top” as a cohesive unit, but not “the mountain top” because that doesn’t exist. We can lift each other up or suppress each other, those are our only choices. Canyons can be beautiful, but the view can be constrictive. Our journeys are treacherous, but our interactions don’t have to be. Guilt and regret may slow us, but love and understanding always primes the pump.”

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