from the mind of critic-9/15/18

From the mind of critic: “If we’re towing a big camper trailer, but have to turn around in a space we might not think big enough at first glance, how do we do we do it? Do we pull forward and crank the wheel as hard as we can, hoping to not jacknife? Do we pull past and then back up, remembering if we want to go one way, we have to turn the wheel the opposite? Do we throw up our hands and just ask our neighbor, knowng their skills are much better than ours? Does our confusion come from this being one of the only acts in life, where to get a desired result, we havre to do the opposite? Turning around a big vehicle, let alone a camper or 5th wheel is hard, but gets easier with practice. Like many things in life, at first glance they can seem extremely scary, but become less so when our skills grow. They say the only way past is through, which means if we want to overcome our many challenges and roadblocks, whether they were personally placed or set by an outside source, we must decrease our turnaround time. We do that by consciously looking at the situation, how it affects the totality of or lives, and what we can personally do to allieviate our own suffering. Bad, terrible and awful things will happen to us, part and parcel of the collective human experience. We can’t always change these situations, but we can lessen our time from oh no, to oh well. We do that through unique measures according to our character and life experience, but it always starts with us being kind to ourselves. Self reliance doesn’t mean isolation, it means loving our soul. Trailers might be hard to turn around, but become harder if we sit idle. Impressions aren’t everything, our mindfulness is. Roadblocks dissipate, when we realize they’re temporary.” 🙂
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