from the mind of critic-9/18/18

From the mind of critic: “If the only constant in life is change, and we know it because the words have been droned into our heads since childhood, why are we suprised when it arrives? Why all the muss and fuss over something we knew was coming? Did we not prepare, and just thought we’d take things as they come? Did we over prepare, taking so much into account of how things will be, that we forgot how things are? Are we always caught off guard because no matter how much we over or under prepare, life has a funny way of throwing us a curveball the second we think we know what time it is? Trying to prepoare for the inevitable change in life, is like preparing to be on Jeopardy. There are some known categories and subjects that have covered a lot in various ways, but the subject matter could literally be anything, and probably will be because somebody, somthing or nothing upstairs wants us to prove we’re worthy through our humilty and passion. Once we realize being open to opportunities, putting in the work, and understanding we’ll never really know what’s going to happen, is how we prepare for inevitable change by expecting the unexpected, we’ll see change can always seem scary because it’s different, but becomes less so when we stop sabotaging ourselves, and start loving ourselves by making sure we truly know we’re worthy. Life is constantly changing, that change becomes brighter when we allow ourselves to see the light. Over or under preparing isn’t the answer, being mindful is. Curveballs can be tricky, but so can a batter who knows it’s coming. Perception is the only difference between change that is scary, and opportunity.” 🙂
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