from the mind of critic-9/11/18

From the mind of critic: “If humility is considered a virtue while pride a deadly sin, can pride start as a virtue, while humility transforms into a deadly sin? If self love is a virtue and where pride begins, does it only become a deadly sin when we don’t spread that self love to others? If keeping our ego in check before it spawns narcissism is why humility is a virtue, can it devolve into self sabotage which prevents all progress by blocking iopportunities, thereby becoming a deadly sin? Is humility balanced with pride one of the first steps in our mental, physical, spiritual and intellectual development, and only mutates our character into a self sabotaging doormat or narcisstic know it all, if we think the first step is the end all be all, and either refuse or ignore the next steps? Being humble while having pride in ourselves is never a bad thing, because it opens us up to the world’s opportunities, while erecting a filter that helps us discard everything meant to tear us down, while keeping everything that builds us up. However like most things in life, we run into problems when we take it to the extreme, because it changes the concepts original meaning. Being humble by believing we’re not better than anybody else, is a virtue. Believing we’re worthless because everybody is better than us, is a sin. Being prideful by believing in ourselves and knowing who we are, what we want, and where we want to go is a virtue. Believing we know everything, because our character is an infallible and omnipotent example of the perfect human specimen, is a sin. Once we realize most things in life start as virtues, but devolve into sins by our actions and perspectives, we’ll see that everything has a good and bad side, but finding the balance point in the middle is how we evolve, because we know we’re not perfect, but could make better choices from time to time. Virtues become sins, when we only think of ourselves. Sins stay as virtues, when we think of others. None of us are 100% virtuous or sinful, but our critical thought or lack there of can swing us in either direction. Defintions evolve, just like we do as life experience is gained.”

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