from the mind of critic-9/8/18

From the mind of critic: “If life is a series of moments, do our perceptions of them determine whether we’re getting closer to them, or being teased with something we’re never going to get? Can glimpses of what we truly want, provide clues on how, what, when and where to recieve? Can those same glimpses also making us believe we’re finnaly recieving what we’ve been asking for, and working toward for the last 20 years, only to leave us empty handed when the glimpse ends? Can we truly control our destiny when it involves steps we ca’t possibly control, or is making ourselves the best human we can be, through being open, and putting the work in by constantly and succintly our wants out tot he universe, the best we can hope for? Looking for love anbd success at our passion is hard enough, without percieving through our self sabotage that we’ll never recieve what we want. Now none of us are perfect, and as we grow older and haven’t found what we’re looking for, lonliness can color our judgement of what we feel is coming down the line. Once we realize that not only is nothing in life guaranteed, and we can’t always make things happen, but can increase our odds by ejecting always and never out of our vocabulary, and injecting not yet in, we’ll see even if we haven’t recieved what we truly want and dream, but still want to, we stay open by not telling ourselves that we haven’t recieved something, but haven’t recieved it, yet. Whether we consider life a series of moments or glimpses, we guarantee failure by believing we’re not worthy. True love may be elusive, but self-love is inherant. We must vocalize our wants to recieve our dreams. Lonliness can tear us down, or remind of it’s instant dissappearance, we simply must ask ourselves if we still want what our soul yearns for.” 🙂
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