from the mind of critic-9/7/18

From the mind of critic: “When the margins shrink and the middle becomes bigger, is it a sign of progress? When the margins widen and the middle shrinks, is it a sign of regress? Do we not pay attention to these fluctuations, because we’re cemented in survival mode, or do we pay attention, but feel powerless because we’re cemented in survival mode? Is the concept of survival used as a means of control by the power structure, so the people blame each other instead of those who poured the concrete? The illusion of power has been utilized, ever since humans started seeing themselves as better than those who had less. This has been so ingrained in our culture, that many of us believe it’s the way it has always been, and always will be. What we tend to forget, is those of us who make up the controlled, vastly outnumber the controllers. Even if we haven’t forgotten, we’ve been told for millenia, that one person can’t change the world. While this is partially true, it’s mostly untrue because many “one persons” can. We only believe we can’t change the world, because we’ve been told other people in our position are to blame, by virtue of them taking what little we have for themselves, so they don’t have to put in the work. Once we realize it’s this mentality that fuels the power structure, by feeding our ignorance of it’s illusion, we’ll see the only reason we can’t unite and rise up against our collective oppressors, is because we’re allowing our few differences to overrule, outweigh and completely fog over our commonalities. Margins shrink when our minds grow, and vice versa. Change is inevitable, but humanity isn’t unless we allow it. Survival mode can make us more human, once we realize it isn’t all there is. The illusion of power is debunked, when we look in the mirror and see each other.” 🙂
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