from the mind of critic-9/1/18

From the mind of critic:               “If we celebrate mediocre progress, because at least it’s a sliver of light amongst a cascading tsunami of darkness, are we stopping further progress by lowering our passion for change? If that mediocre progress is later to revealed to be a smokescreen, does it drive progress backward, because so many believed false change was real? If false cases of racism, persecution, violence and war are pursued by those of us hungry for change, does all the passion run out when a real cause yearns for our attention? Do those of us who unknowingly fight for this false cause beleive it’s real because of sinister intent? Do we then refuse to fight when real causes arise, because we think progress was already made, but is only one step forward for every two steps back? Fighting for the rights of people is not only what makes us American, it’s what makes us human. What can hamper our fight, is when we’re so passionate for change, that we glom onto anything with even the slightest hint of wrongdoing, without looking at the actual avidence. Sometimes we even ignore evidence, if it doesn’t fit within the cozy confines of our agenda. Sometimes we do look at the evidence of a crime and fight for justice, while one or more wolves in sheep’s clothing disguise what they personally did, because they don’t want to get caught. They figure they can get off scott free because the false story fits into an established narrative, of actual things that need to be positively changed. Once we realize truth only hurts if we’re lying to ourselves and others, and whose hurt intensifies the longer the lie’s shelf life, we’ll see that real progress toward fixing generational issues only starts with us looking in the mirror, and continues if we’re willing to question ourselves, as much as we question others. Celebrating progress is important, holding false progress as the end all be all will devolve us. The truth might involve monumental struggle, but will disseminate once we allow it to bloom. There is a reason worshipping false idols is in the first few commandments, because whether it’s relgious or secular, it will drive our collective evolution backward. Seeing others in ourselves will stop current racism, truly seeing seeing ourselves as we are, stops racism from sprouting.” 🙂

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