from the mind of critic-8/31/18

From the mind of critic: “If to improve not only society, but the positive qualities of our character we must access our better angels, does that mean some angels aren’t as good? On the same token, are some demons better than others? If we’re told growing up that all angels are good and all demons are bad, but through continual life experience we discover some demons are good while some angels are bad, are we living the physical act of taking everything with a grain of salt? Is this a balancing act between positive and negative, because everything in the universe has a good and bad side by virtue of existing? When we’re born, and the raised by what we hope is a loving family,we soak up information like a sponge. Sometimes we’re told things are all one way, or all another. Sometimes we’re told things can vary, and if we attempt to generalize in an effort to comprehend, we’re likely to be wrong. This case by case analysis can greatly improve our judgement of certain concept. It also has a bad side, because if we question everything to death, it’s inherent definition will change, and bad can become good and vice versa. Once we realize there is no set in stone universal judgement, no matter the history or scientific evidence, we’ll see not only can angels be bad and demons good, but so can we if we keep an open mind and conscious soul. Our society improves, when we realize none of us are infallible. Accessing our better angels will propel us forward, believing they’re ll better drives us backward. Deciphering that guidelines aren’t blueprints, advances our critical thinking. CCR said believe half of what you see and none of what you hear, not none of what we see and all of what we hear.” 🙂
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