from the mind of critic-7/21/18

From themind of critic: “Are birthdays more exciting when we’re younger, because of the fun party, and because we’ll be one year older? Are birthdays more exciting when we’re older, because of the fun party, and not having many borthdays left spo we have to make the most of them? Are birthdays only less exciting at any age, because we don’t see any reason to celbrate us of nobody else does, or do we honestly, truthfull and faithfully don’t care about birthdays? The only people that last statement holds truefor is Jehova’s witnesses, because they don’t celebrate holidays, birthdays included. They still care about birthdays from a human level, even if years of dogma have indoctrinated them otherwise. If we tell others we don’t care, do we tell ourselves we don’t care? If we tell ourselves we don’t care, wemust ask ourselves why. Once we realize that nobody is gonna celebrate us unless we do, we’ll see our birthday might only be one day amonsgt 364 others every year, but it’s our day to realize we’re special, we matter, and even if our neighjbor’s grass is greener than ours, ours can be even greener too, but not if we don’t believe in ourselves. We aren’t the center of the universe, we are the center of our universe. We get less depressed about our birthday, the less regrets we have. Kowing why we feel a certain way, helps us gain control of our emotions. Themore celebrate ourselves, the more we’ll see we’reworth the effort.” 🙂
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