from the mind of critic-7/20/18

From the mind of critic: “To be or not to be might be the question, but is it the right one? Is it broad enough to cover all variables and outcomes, allowing us questions of whether to be ourselves or someboyd else? Is it too vague to really mean anything, but we listen because it’s flowery language by a world famous playwright spoken over 450 years ago? Could the message be conveyed in a simpler way, so the masses could not only understand what it means, but how it plays out in real world senarios? Finding out how things happen and why, not only seperates us from the animals, but opens the door for inner joy. That joy comes from authenticity, which can only come from being. The only time when we shouldn’t be something, is when it’s detrimental to ourselves or others. The only time we should be ourselves, is when it’s uplifting to ourselves. Once we realize to be or not to be isn’t the question, but, is this uplifitng or deflating is the question, we’ll see that asking what we should be in certain situations is normal, trying to be somthing we’re not in a futile attempt to please everyone isn’t. We recieve truthful answers, when we know why we’re asking questions. To further collective uplift, our language must be as black and white as possible. Life is guaranteed to throw a curveball no matter how much we prepare, but our odds of success increase the more we know ourselves. Historical figures can be guides, but so can our soul.” 🙂
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