from the mind of critic-7/19/18

From the mind of critic: “If authority figures who are thought to be inherently inhuman, take conscious steps to be seen as human, does that ease tenions? Is all the discrimination, profiling, and grandiose narcissism forgotten, because of non-serious and non-authoritative actions? Do the authorities themselves become more human because they want good pr, or do they become more human by protecting and serving all people fairly and equally, with good pr being the coincidental end result? Whether it’s pancake breakfasts, charity drives, playing pickup basketball, lip synching, or simply walking a beat so as to know neighborhood residents, humanistic acts by police are always a good thing. Yes, some of them may fake authenticity, but what’s the alternative, police becoming more and more standoffish, brash and rude, while the population’s hate for them skyrockets. Once we realize that not all police pr campaigns are born of authenticity, but most are, we’ll see the more humanistic actions that are taken by police, the more they’ll feel human, which in turn will make the public see them as more human. Animosity vanishes, when reflective humanism appears. We can hate cops, but until we work on the reasons why, nothing will change. Until protect and serve is spread evenly amongst the human family, none of us are safe. We save humanity, by remembering it’s definition.” 🙂
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