from the mind of critic-7/18/18

From the mind of critic: “If looking in the mirror is the answer to most of our problems whether personal or societal, what happens when looking in the mirror becomes the problem? Do we believe simply being introspective is the solution, that seeing and understanding is the action? Are we so vain we believe we have all the answers, and staring into our own eyes reminds us everyone else is wrong? Is our self esteem so low we expect the worst so as to not be disappointed, which makes our act of looking in the mirror us faking it till we make it? Is the problem not so much us looking in the mirror, but stopping our journey and not letting it flow? Remembering life is a journey and not a destination, reminds us of the endless steps, trails, paths, trials, tribulations, pitfalls, guides, sages and gurus we come across during our short time on this earth. Looking in the mirror is simply us taking responsibilities for our actions, and seeing what role we played in our personal and societal issues. Where we go wrong is thinking everything is our fault or nothing is, when it’s a balance between the two that’s closer to the truth. Once we realize self-accountability doesnt mean self-sabotage, we’ll see being honest with ourselves, means seeing the bad as well as the good. Looking in the mirror is only scary, if we can’t handle the truth. Being accountable is how we move forward, not the actual act of moving forward. We’ll never get past the first step, until we realize there’s more. Being kind to ourselves, means being okay with expecting the unexpected.” 🙂
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