from the mind of critic-7/17/18

From the mind of critic: “if we agree private businesses are a good thing, and making money off our own ideas is one of the things that makes us American, could we also agree some things should never be for profit? Does profiting off hospital patients allow them better care? Does profiting off students allow them a better education? Does profiting off prisoners allow them better rehabilitation? If our answer is yes to any of these, we must ask what our true motives are. Hospitals are supposed to heal the sick, but what’s to say they wont simply fix who makes them the most money, and negate the ones who don’t? Schools are suppossed to help teach kids, what’s to say they’ll only teach what the schoolowner wants them to? Prisons are supposed to rehabilitate people, but what’s to say they’ll only punish who the prison owner wants out of the way? Once we realize being educated, being healthy and being rehabilitated when we run afoul of the law, makes us more productive members of society who are less likely to need assistance, we’ll see capitalism completely will devour itself if it sees everything as profit, instead of viewing some as off limits. Making money is a good thing, making it by breaking the back of our fellow human being isn’t. If our government doesn’t want smart, healthy and productive residents, we must vigilantly ask why. If capitalism had iron clad rules, would it still be capitalism? Would racism disappear if capitalism disapeared, or would it simply mutate?” 🙂
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