from the mind of critic-7/14/18

From themind of critic: “If we played the game of telephone when we were kids, do we understand its implications as adults? Do we know kids say the darndest things, because we did? Did we think it was funny to see how changed and messed up a phrase got, but failed to see it mutate, evolve and adapt into our social media, 24hour news cycle, fast food, I want eveyrthing yesterday culture? If kids evolve into adults, and adults into politicians, does the game of telephone become infinitely more dangerous when nuclear bombs, worldly influence and seperate justice systems are at our disposal? It was fun to come up with a phrase, whisper it in our neighbor’s ear, than to their neighbor and so on. It was as if we were creating our own mad lib. Once it went around the circle, everyone couldn’t wait to see how different the end phrase was, and laugh out how crazy it ended up. We thought, how could somebody hear one thing and say another? How could a perfectly worded and bland message, turn into an excitable laugh line? Once we realize the more mouths, minds and wallets pertinent information has to pass through before it reaches our ears, the more skewed it becomes, we’ll see with all the outside influence that goes into creating a news story and the multiple entities who have a say, we might have to takle everything with a grain of salt, but if we don’t consciously search for truth, we’ll never find it. Games don’t change as we age, implications and consequences do. The game of telephone can be fun, but only when we understand it’s fictional. Truth does matter and it does exist, but only if we believe it so. Breaking cycles, prevents catastrophe.” 🙂
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