from the mind of critic-7/13/18

From the mind of critic: “Do we punch a time clock, because we really wanna punch the clock? Are we so upset about getting screwed over and focibly cemented in survival mode, that we know the importance of the clock because it pays us, but still our anger makesus wanna punch the shit out of it? Are we upset we’ve wasted and killed so much time along our journey, that we undertsand the concept of spending time, but are still angry because we’re just realizing it now, so we punch the time clock? Do we punch a time clock not because os lost glories, or seemingly permanent survival mode anger, but because it’s the physical embodiment of doing what we have to do, so we can do what we wanna do? Metaphore can help us explain unexplainable concepts, but can also get us caught up on langauge, instead of the actual concept. Clocking in, working and then clokcing out is part of the human experience. Once we realize anger doesn’t progress us forward specifically because we can’t think straight, we’ll see being positive in metaphor and action, opens the door to not only opportunity and enlightenment, but ushers in the true motivation every human soul craves. Punching somthing is only positive, if we knockout negativity. Survival mode ceases to be permanent, when we remember it’s only temporary. We prevent regret, by taking conscious action. Anger leads to self sabotage, while inner joy leads to collective evolution.” 🙂
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