from the mind of critic-7/12/18

From the mind of critic: “If moving is one of the biggest pain in the ass tasks of life, is it because we’re forced to confront how much shit we really have? Do we ignore how much of a mess we’ve really made, until we’re forced to clean it up? Is it tedious to put all our stuff in boxes, forcing us to decide what to keep and what to toss? Is the extreme difficulty of this stage, directly linked to us keeping stuff we don’t need, by way of ignoring if we’ll actually use it, which is what caused it to collect dust in the corner? Would we have saved a lot of time if we thought about what to keep at the time of accumulation, instead of all at once at the end? Putting our entire life into boxes and trucks can be hard enough, without thinking of what to keep. The longer we put something off the harder it becomes, which is the exact reason ignorance can be defined as bliss. Once we realize life is hard, especially when dealing with unexpected things at unepected times, we’ll see nothing should be too easy or overly hard, if we treat ourselves with kindness and gratitude, which provides not only motivation for our soul to sing, but for the masses to listen. Moving is only a pain in the ass, if we’re comfortable with not evolving. Molehills only become mountains, when we ignore what’s in front of our face. Being grateful for what we have, keeps ignorance off our radar. Being mindful not only makes our future brighter, it reveals the true beauty of our present.” 🙂
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