from the mind of critic-7/11/18

From the mind of critic: “If we can’t teach an old dog new tricks, can we teach a new dog old tricks? Is it easier to show somebody who thinks they know everything that they know nothing, or somebody who thinks they know nothing that they do know something? Do older contributing human beings have more evolutionary societal effect than younger, or is consciousness specifically not measurable because it changes from person to person? Getting set in our ways can inhibit our personal consciousness journey, just like getting steered onto the wrong path can, when we’re fed false information as we’re learning about the world. None of us are better than anybody else, just like none of us have all the answers. Finding balance between what we do know and what we don’t know yet, is the key to not blocking opportunites that may surprise us. Once we realize that so many worldy problems are complex, that we need an infinite pronged attack from infinite angles, we’ll see we must never put somebody down for something they don’t know, because chances are they know something we don’t know. Unity involves the realization that we all have a purpose, and helping somebody find theirs, can help us find ours. Old dogs can teach young dogs and vice versa, the utilization of which ushers evolution. We all start contributing, when we conclude we all play for the same team. Life teaches us many lessons, the first of which is to look in the mirror before we open our mouths.” 🙂
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