from the mind of critic-7/10/18

From the mind of critic: If we preach family values and the accuracy of our moral compass, does that apply to all families, or just ours? Do we belive all families needto be defended and cherished, so they can be together through good times and bad, or just ours? Do we say all families should be together, so kids can be loved and feel loved, motivating them to be well adjusted, fulfilled and upstanding and positive contributing members of society, or just ours? Is hypocrisy woven into the human fabric, or is it learned through experience? The fact that babies getting ripped from their parents, before being seperated with absolutely no way of being traced, only to have these same kids defend themselves in court because they don’t have to be appointed an attorney, the fact that’s even a thing in 21st century America, makes me violently nauseous. The only reason this is happening is because these kids aren’t white. Trumpist lawmakers will say we have to uphiold the law, which they are, but with zero humanity, because the people they’re dealing with they don’t view as humans. Would they have this same policy if these kids were white? I’m not saying this government is racist, but if the shoe fits…….? Listen, we have 35% voting rates in this country, because people assume all politicans will lie to them so what’s the point. If we continously lie to ourselves, it’s no wonder our politicians do. If we were more honest, we could have 70-80% voting rates like other countries, imagine how different things would be. First we have to care what happens to others, that is our first step. Valuing family, means valuing the entire human family equally. We only worry the country is getting darker demographically , if our heart is already dark. There is a special place in hell for Trumpist kid rippers, and the devil is licking his chops. Hypocrisy dissappears fromour radar, when humanity appears.” 🙂
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