from the mind of critic-7/24/18

From the mind of critic: “If feeling our feelings is how we recognize them so we can let them go, when is the cut off point? When do we realize we’ve felt the full breadth of a feeling, so we can let it go before obsession sets in? Is there a black and white flashing sign that says “we have felt this feeling long enough”, or is it an inner sign, one that we’ll only catch if we’re in touch with our soul, because it’s the only true encyclopedia of personal feelings we have? Getting to know ourselves as we journey forward is a struggle whether we’re rich, poor, old, young, republican, democrat, religious, atheist, or any definition yet to be defined. It’s what makes us the same, it’s what makes us human. We run into trouble when we try to ignore who we are, negate who we are, or try to be something we’re not. Not only will we have to work backwards just to get back to zero, but we’ll have to fend off self-sabotage with every thought we have. Once we realize that getting to know ourselves, what we think, want, know, believe and feel is evolutionary if done truthfully, we’ll see that just because we’re not as far along in life as we’d like to be, or with the love that we dream of, doesn’t mean we never will be, unless we feel undeserving. Which if we truly allowed our feelings to shine through, we’d know that’s not true. Feeling bad can be a growing experience, if we comprehend its temporary nature. Lonliness might be hard, but misery is harder. Finding our soul connection is inevitable, is self love is integral. Letting go doesn’t mean we’re missing out, it means we’re making room for something better.” 🙂
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