from the mind of critic-6/28/18

From the mind of critic: “If what we say to ourselves equals what we do to ourselves, how come we’re more negative to ourselves than our friends? If kind words and support are so beneficial to the people we care about, that we physically see how greatly it improves their lives, why such dark ugliness in our personal inner dialogue? Would we say to kids what we say to ourselves, would we end up in jail if we did? If the answer is no, we must ask ourselvs why. Do we feel undeserving of good vibes, because we haven’t surpassed some self imposed artificial bar of excellence? Are we tougher on ourselves, because we feel it’s the only way to get our grass as green as our neighbors? Kind self talk is the single biggest thing we can do not only for our emotional well being, but also our chance for success. Since we all go through low points from time to time, finding the strength to carry on can be extremely difficult, especially when we view friends, family and others as happier and more successful than us. We must remember that not everyone is as happy as they seem, and just because we haven’t found what we’re looking for yet, doesn’t mean we never will or that we’re undeserving, unless our imbedded self talk drones on that we are. Lonliness is hard, but not nearly as much as a toxic relationship. The reason joy is long lasting, is because it starts within us. Loving ourselves doesn’t guarantee we’ll find the love of our life, but it opens us up to the possibility. We see light at the end of the tunnel, when we realize the tunnel doesn’t exist.” 🙂
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