from the mind of critic-7/4/18

From the mind of critic: “Does celebrating independence day have to do with a free country, or a free mind? Does a free mind have to be accomplished first to have effect, specifically because only a free mind could think up a free country, let alone fight for it, hold it, and continously build it better? Does a free country have to be accomplished first, because finding our way out of simply surviving, is the freedom to not be on edge every second, waiting for the other shoe to drop? Do free minds and free countries have to be accomplished simultaneously, because only a free mind could think up a free country, and only a free country could make use of a free mind? En Vougue said, “free your mind, and the rest will follow.” In a time of dramatically lessening freedoms, trending us away from the as of yet unrealized dream of what it means to be American, it’s important to remember what freedom means, and how it’s only real if that definition carries for all of us. Freeing our mind, simply means critically thinking about what’s affecting us, not just our side or our team. Once we realize all of us deserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by virtue of being a human being within American borders, we’ll see a free country can only be attained, if it continously gets more free by way of truth, humanism and accountability, not less by way of lies, persecution and backroom deals. Freedom is free, free of oppression and inequality. A truly free country wants its people to be smarter and healthier, not less. What follows after we free our minds, is the first day of the rest of our lives. Critical thought equals critical action, because we love ourselves enough to look in the mirror.” 🙂
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