from the mind of critic-6/27/18

from the mind of critic:                “If one of the secrets of success is controlling our emotions, not being controlled by them, is being a robot the only way to end up on the side of the fence with the greener grass? Do we have to hide what we truly feel, because acting inhuman is the only way to be successful enough that we have the freedom to be human? Do we have to blurt out everything we think and feel, so people know exactly where we stand? Is the key admitting we’re not perfect, because the more conscious effort we use to balance controlling our emotions, with allowing ourselves to feel our true feelings, allows us to let them go if they’re not useful? Just when we think we have a handle on life, that handle breaks of and we fall flat on our face. We’ll never be perfect, there will be times when we act out when we know we shouldn’t, and sit quiet when we know we shoud have acted out. Once we realize controlling our emotions, means remembering our priorities and what’s for our highest good in any situation, we’ll see that hanging on to any emotion good or bad beyond its usefulness is how our emotions control us, but recognizing them for their usefulness anb then letting them go, is how we control them. Feeling our feelings, means remembering when to let them go. Our grass can be as green as our neighbor’s, when we realize we use the same grass seed. We acheive the freedom to be human, when we decipher our emotions, Honesty is the best policy, because it grounds us.” 🙂

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