from the mind of critic-6/23/18

From the mind of critic: “If the big wheel in the sky keeps turning no matter what, do we affect its trajectory? Do we slow it by waving at our neighbors, handwriting letters and having face to face interactions? Do we speed it up by not making eye contact with strangers, instant messaging and having the majority of our interactions through a screen and keyboard? Do we arc it up by standing up for our brother, curb stomping pollution, and propagating conscious conversation? Do we arc it down by projecting our deficincies unto others, dumping chemicals in waterways if it makes us a buck and portraying infallibility grounded in low self esteem? Do me make it spin in an endless loop, when we don’t learn our lessons by making the same mistakes over and over again? Do we make it stop by being so narcisstic, that we refuse to fix problems until it’s too late, and we’ve passed the point of no return? We might not be the center of the universe, but we’re the center of our own. Once we realize all of us as inviduals, shouldn’t sweat ourselves or each other, because we make up the bigger picture that can only survive when we’re all interconnected, we’ll see that no matter how dark or chaotic life seems, we can always slow down, speed up or completely stop the moral arc of the universe, with our choices and consciousness levels. We endure an evolution of choice, even if we suffer from indecision. A conscious journey might be slow, but it’s how we enjoy each moment. If we speed through life, we’ll miss the writing on the wall. To stand or sit isn’t the question, to act or endlessly talk is.” 🙂
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