from the mind of critic-6/22/18

From the mind of critic: “If time apart makes the heart grow fonder, is it because we’re not sweating the small stuff? Are we ignoring red flags because of lonliness, making our heart grow fonder through purely synthesized reality? Are we simply making the best of things, or do we firmly believe long distance relationships are possible, through unfettered and unfiltered communication? Not sweating the small stuff and paying attention to the bigger picture, is a way to organize our priorities so we have the highest possible emotional well being. However, not sweating the small stuff, doesn’t mean we should ignore it, quite the contrary. The heart can grow fonder when there isn’t time apart, but it takes hard work, introspection and personal growth. Once we realize that not letting little things get us down through self sabotage is what makes the heart grow fonder, not ignoring what’s important, we’ll see we don’t always have control over time apart, but when it happens, we must learn the difference between letting go, giving up and ignoring if we want to evolve. A fond heart doesn’t need time apart, it needs knowledge. Ignorance is only bliss, when we don’t know the definition of either. Making the best of things, requires vigliant mindfulness. Not sweating the small stuff can make the heart grow fonder, if we constantly look in the mirror.” 🙂
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