from the mind of critic-6/21/18

From the mind of critic: “If we admit what a long strange trip its been, are we acknowledging all the lessons that have presented themselves? Is our admission itself proof we learned our lessons, because if we have time to admit our long trip has been strange, we must be in a better place now, than we were then? Does our long strange trip become evident not cause we learned out lessons, but because we’re still alive and kicking despite doing the same things we’ve always done? Are only some our trips long and strange because of lessons we may or may not have learned, or are all of our trips long and strange by vurtue of being humans who don’t have all the answers? All of us wonder how we’ve gotten this far, cosidering everything currently plaguing our species. Some of us have learned lessons, which translates to a less strange life. While others have ignored lessons, which leads to our life becoming increasingly strange. Once we realize the more conscious we are, the better chance we have to learn the lessons we’re suppossed to learn, we’ll see life’s strangeness is directly linked to our choices. Life is a long strange trip, but it keeps us on our toes. Ignorance drives us backward, while consciousness drives us forward. Admission of wrong choices, helps us make the right ones. We all stumble and fall, getting up is what matters.” 🙂
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