from the mind of critic-6/2/18

From the mind of critic: “If we agree on most of the issues currently plaguing our society, but disagree on causes, cures, alternatives and solutions, is there hope? If we agree there’s too much gun violence, but disagree on whether we need more guns or less, is there hope? If we agree reducing unwanted pregnancies and abortions is a good thing, but disagree on whether to make abortions harder or easier to get, as well as family planning information, birth control and planned parenthood, is there hope? If we agree we should all have the freedom to worship how we choose, and the ability to love who, how and what we want, but disagree on if other people having these rights effect ours, is there hope? With so much strife, division, dehumanization, violence, and a serious downward trend of interpersonal communication and interaction, thinks can seem really bleak. So bleak to the point it may seem like we’ve passed the point of no return. However, the light at the end of the tunnel, has always and will always burn within our soul to light the way. If life is all about perception, then yeah our situation appears dire. It could also be a time of hope, because everything is so overt, we’re being forced to deal with what we’ve long ignored, but we will come out better on the other side because we will have learned a lesson, whether we realize it or not. Whether that leads in a positive or negative directionis up to us. Hope without action, is empty. Agreeing to disagree, opens us up to everywhere we already agreed. Better mental health does quell gun violence, but only by walking the walk. Understanding what divided us, is the exact blueprint to unite us.” 🙂
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