from the mind of critic-6/1/18

From the mind of critic: “If the A side of a record is purportedly good songs, are the B side songs inherently bad? Have the A side songs always been known to be the best because of history and tradition, which gets them much more air time, and opportunity for monetary gain? Have the B side songs always known to not be the worst, just not as good, because history and tradition have never afforded the B side what they’ve offered the A side, unless the B side is lucky enough to be singled out as one of the “good ones”? Is it the DJs, radio executives, advertisers, governement and CEOs who choose what’s A and B, or is it the listening audience who chooses not one category over another, but what touches their soul? Many people who are in the majority have always been in the majority, and haven’t had to undergo the same adversity, persecution and dehumanization of the minority, specifically because of history and tradition. However, these roles of majority and minority roles can be subjective, as well as an illusion. Majority and minority roles can be social, economic and racial, which can be cemented by the elites to control the poor and working class. Once we realize that the majority minority rules of race, are used to cover up that the elites themselves are the minority and the people the majority, we’ll see not only is unification possible, but so is an uprising, when we understand how much time we’ve wasted fighting each other, instead of who really deserves it. Unification will happen, when we’re not seperated into A and B. We’re not an A side and a B side, we’re the same side. Seperation iself isn’t as important as why. History and tradition evolve as we do. We’re all the “good ones”, when we see each other as the same.” 🙂
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